MidKnights of the Round Table 7


1. What impressed you most about the win in South Bend?

SCS100: Denard was obviously amazing, but it was the fact that the defense did not get shredded as badly as I expected them to. Even when Crist was playing, they weren't awful and managed to get one INT out of it. Overall, I would say that it was a relatively successful day for the D.

Seth9: The Denard Robinson led winning touchdown drive was definitely the most impressive thing for me. While his 87 yard touchdown run was awesome and certainly the highlight of the night, the winning drive was a work of mastery. Denard was 5-6 passing for 55 yards on that drive, as Michigan efficiently and methodically marched down the field for the touchdown. Also notable was that despite struggling at throwing the ball for most of the second half, Denard carved up the Notre Dame secondary during the drive. And to cap it all off, Michigan's excellent clock management made it so that Notre Dame got the ball back with only 20 seconds left.

The Shredder: The Defense with out a doubt. I know... DENARD DENARD!! OMG DENARD!! But the Defense was avg/solid and got many stops. I was always happy to see that Gallon could catch a punt with out issues. The front 3 played pretty well with Martin beating even triple teams. I hope we can keep Roh on the line but it seems like that was only the case with Herron in the game. With him hurt I am guessing we wont see that until maybe Indi. Floyd and Rogers did enough to keep ND in check and of course Cam had about as bad as a day that you can have. It's his 2nd game so I am not really worried. If the Defense can be average we can have a very good season.

Hulk: There was alot of good from the Maize and Blue from the win on Saturday. Denard was amazing again in South Bend. Racking up 502 yards of offense and showing the mental fortitude/killer instincts is amazing for a QB of Denard's experience. He looked like a grizzled vet with his decision making and control of the offense.
The downfield blocking from both recievers and OL was outstanding. The difference in getting downfield and throwing blocks for Denard is even greater than most other players in the country. If you throw a block for Denard, theres a good chance you turn that 5-10 yard gain into a 87 yard touchdown run. On the play that Denard housed it, not only did all the interior OL get their blocks to create the crease, but Roundtree and Odoms completely chop the legs out from the CBs. Even Stonum gets in the way of his guy to take away his angle. Then the key block on the play. Omameh completely destroys one of the best LBers in the nation in Te'o, forcing him 5 yards downfield and right into the path of the safety that had a angle on Denard. The toughness and hustle of this years team can all be seen in this one play.
The defense stepped up and created turnovers. Mouton looked like a stud in this game. The flea flicker where he read the QBs eyes while flying back to his zone was exceptional. Floyd was in perfect position, baiting Montana to throw the pass.

Dark Blue: Obviously Nard Dawg impressed everybody. I was really pleased with the defense. They bent, but they didn’t break which is a great sign for the rest of the season. The Linebackers played well and so did the secondary minus the boneheaded mistakes by Cam Gordon. Also the way that Brain Kelly chewed his young QB’s out on the sideline was pretty fucking hilarious.

2. Will Denard win the Heisman this year?

SCS100: No, only because I expect him to slow down at some point. We play extremely good defenses in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Ohio State. If he makes at least one of them look bad, then I'll rethink my position, and if he makes two out of three look bad, I'll say he should win. If he makes all three (or even just Ohio State's) look bad, then he should win and I'll start a torch and pitchfork community if he doesn't.

Seth9: Probably not. Denard's superhuman production levels will probably drop, as every defense we face from here on out will focus on him first and foremost. This will allow our other athletes opportunities to produce more, but the Heisman goes to the best individual performer. And it doesn't help that Denard is only an average QB when it comes to throwing the ball, which will irk Heisman voters, as will Michigan's status of not being an elite team yet.

That said, if I had to bet on an individual player to win the Heisman, I would bet on Denard. However, I give him less than a 50% chance of actually winning.

The Shredder: .TBD

Hulk: No. He has certainly played well enough to be the frontrunner right now, but I don't see him winning it because A)I just dont see him keeping the same pace vs. the good B10 teams and B) Michigan winning enough games for him to get real consideration. He is without question one of the most explosive/exciting players in the country, but the Heisman usually goes to a player on a team that is in the National Title hunt. I think Denard has a real chance of winning it in his next two years in Ann Arbor, but not this year.

Dark Blue: I think he has a better shot then anyone else, right now, to win it. DENARD IS A STUD.

3. Final Score of the UMass game?

SCS100: 45-14. UMASS is not a bad FCS team, so I'm a bit wary of even predicting this score. It could be lower, it could be higher. It probably depends on how much Denard plays.

Seth9: I'm predicting 45-10. We'll rack up the points early, but UMass will score on our second string defense a couple times and our production will slow down with our second string receivers and running backs.

The Shredder: Nardigan 42 Umass 13

Hulk: 52- 10. Michigan comes out and does what they should do. Pound UMass into submission. Denard will score early and often and Devin and Tate will get alot of time. We'll get to see alot of young guys on both sides of the ball.

Dark Blue: 56-17. Devin has a monster game.

4. What is your favorite Michigan tradition?

SCS100: The Banner. Running out of the tunnel and touching the banner while The Victors plays is rivaled by one tradition, the sign at Notre Dame in my opinion.

Seth9: When we in the student section do the _________ at hockey games.

The Shredder: Thats hard question right there. I love them all... Maybe having three new captions each game.... wait wait no I hated that one. Glad it's gone. I really love the Banner. It gets me all excited and crazy. My friends and I usually yell "You wanna get NUTS? LET GET NUTS!" after everyone jumps through or when Michigan has a big hit or play. We also have our own tradition on a Michigan kick off of yelling "RIP THEIR FUCKING HEADS OFF!!"  That will get a few looks from the white heads but we are always careful if kids are near by.

Hulk: Has to be all the winged helmets flying out to the middle of the field and touching the M club banner. Its a breathtaking moment.

Dark Blue: The two that stick with me the most, are the winged helmets and Touching the banner. Both are great U of M traditions.

5. Since we are a couple of games into the season, care to rethink you preseason final record Prediction?

SCS100: Since I had Notre Dame as a loss and I'm not so sure about Penn State anymore, I will revise my position to 9-3 with losses to Iowa, Wisconsin, and Ohio State. 10-2 is possible if Iowa slumps for no reason, but I'm still not convinced that we do better than 9 wins.

Seth9: I'm revising my prediction from 7-5 to 8-4. I really like our offense now, but our propensity to give up huge plays in the secondary is very concerning and will probably cost us some games down the road.

The Shredder: I said the low was 6-6 and high was 8-4. I and changing that by one game. Low is 7-5 and high will be 9-3.

Hulk: Eh, I'll predict 8-4 now instead of 7-5. I think we are a little better team now than I thought we would be, but our D will still cost us a few games.

Dark Blue: I predicted 13-0 and I’m gonna stick with that……………….for now.

6. How many yards of offense do we put up on the minutemen?

SCS100: 436 yards, the majority rushing. This is the game that I think the RB's finally show up.

Seth9: I'm betting on something in the neighborhood of 550. I think we'll get some short fields early on, which will limit yardage from getting much higher.

The Shredder: 9847897458957917079879247294 light years.... oh yards ahhh 700 even.

Hulk: 650. 375 passing, 275 rushing

Dark Blue: A whole fucking bunch, no way can this defense stop our offense, it ain’t happening.

7.Any think (thing) I missed?

SCS100: Considering the amount of upsets in the first two weeks, don't take anything for granted.

Seth9: Massachusetts undoubtedly has the best mascot of any team we play this year.

The Shredder: Any think I missed? I think you missed the "g" and hit the "k"...  On a serious note. I was just thinking... Has anyone seen Lloyd Carr's face at a Michigan football game since he retired? I haven't. Is it very telling? Hmmmm.... Something to ponder.

Dark Blue: MM meetup next week for the BGSU game.

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