Midnight Maize Top 25

Because blogger sucks and is incapable of uploading charts, I present the Midnight Maize Top 25 in Google doc form.

Dropped Out: Pitt 15 North Carolina 20 Oregon State 25
Others receiving votes:
Pitt 10 UNC 6 Fresno State 6 Oregon State 4 Arizona 3 South Carolina 2 Michigan 1

2 Response to "Midnight Maize Top 25"

  1. Dark Blue says:

    SCS are you a mac user? If so ignore this, but if you're running a PC try downloading Windows Live Writer. You can put all of the charts you want into a post. I also think you use excel or the open office equivalent and put that directly in a post from blogger. Shit now I'm curious I'll have to check it out.

    SCS100 says:

    I'm running a mac, but this actually works better since I can just update the document rather easily every week.

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