Midnight Maize Top 25

This will become a weekly thing on either Sundays or Mondays depending on how fast I get the votes:

Dropped Out: 11. Virginia Tech, 14. Georgia Tech, 17. Florida State, 18. Georgia, 22. Penn State, 23. West Virginia, 24. BYU

Others Receiving Votes: Kansas 10, West Virginia 8, Texas A&M 8, Missouri 7, Oregon State 5, Penn State 5, Florida State 4, California 3, Kansas State 3, Northwestern 3, Texas Tech 2

2 Response to "Midnight Maize Top 25"

  1. sebie says:

    why is usc in this? theyve looked so shitty in the last 2 games.

    SCS says:

    I didn't rank them, but I guess enough people thought they were decent enough to be ranked. I should have put a ban on them being in the poll at the beginning of the season though.

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