One Shreds Opinion

With Denard in the game the Offense went ZOOOOM!!!! ZOOOOOM!!!! When he left with a knee ding(which had Michigan Stadium on edge) the Offense went "AHHH HA!!". First Gardner had his run with the Offense. On his first snap he looked like a freshman doing a great zone read and ran to the right for a good 4-5 yards but tried to avoid a tackle and went backwards for a 1 yard loss. Devin just has to learn to use his big body and pick all the yards he can. This isn't HS anymore where you can just dance around people. Outside of a few bad short pass Devin looked good. His long ball was as advertised... Right on. It's too bad Hemingway couldn't catch a wide open TD. On the next play Devin was robbed again with Grady making a nice play and scoring a TD but was called back by Molk hitting a "defenseless player". I couldn't see it from the stands or in my TV review. So who knows.

Tate came out to a nice reception from the crowd. He also came out on fire, throwing on 12/12 and a TD. Tate looked to have great command of the offense and deserved all the snaps he got since he was moving the offense at a bit faster clip than Devin. I won't get into the "WHYS NO RED SHIRTS FOR DEVIN?!?!" thing since this post isn't for that but it still frustrates me. The RBs all played well. Shaw still looks like the one but I thought Cox/Fitz looked good in their limited action. I still wanna see more Cox/Fitz and less Smith. I know Smith is a solid back but just seems to have lost a step of speed. Smith to me has always been a 3rd down back with his catching skills but I rather see guys that could take it the distance(Fitz first run anyone?). I feel like RR likes Smith because he has great ball security and won't hurt you but Cox/Fitz look like backs who could gash defenses. WRs looked good besides the Hemingway drop. Roundtree had a great day of getting open. Stonum had some nice grabs and even Gallon got his first TD of his career. In short Michigan is deep at every skill position with all three QBs,stable of RBs and WR who look to be a threat after the catch. What I am saying is this Offense is ROLLING!!! Maybe the best since 2000.

The Defense had a much better day. Still had a few issues. The freak 70 some yard play which just looked bizarre. The LBers stilled looked suspect outside of Mouton(Nice INT). I did see some nice plays out of Demens and wouldn't mind seeing more of him and letting him get a few series a game, maybe more on run downs but I think with Obi still Obi he should be getting looks. It was nice to see the defense forcing 4th downs and even looked pretty good on the goal line forcing BGSU to score on two lucky 4th down wild cat TD. Tackling still was an issue and even Roh missed a few. The four down linemen was nice to see as it seemed to get some more pressure. We got more looks at Avery, Christan and Talbott. All had so-so days but it's pretty clear they are not ready but will have to go when UM goes to a dime package.

The Good
-Tate looking Sharp
-Devin's long ball as advertised
-Cox/Fitz two headed monster... More please?
-Lewan still crushing fools.
-No ones gonna cramp Denard's style, no ones gonna hold him down... O No.. You gotta keep on moving!
-No human could have ran for a first down, yet Denard took it to the house.
-Shaw running tough son.
-Can your WR block like ours?
-87239837 Total Yards
-Kids loved the game. They are Nard Crazy.

The Bad
-Bowling Green

The Ugly
-The officials
-Side line issues(10 men on the field ect)
-Travis cheering for Denard on Defense.
-A old D-bag behind me saying Michigan should accept a holding penalty on a 3rd down play.
-Bowling Green's Run Defense.

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