Painting With Words Refuses to Acknowledge the Haters


Optimism is a word defined by the dictionary as  1.a disposition or tendency to look on the more favorable side of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome. 2.the belief that good ultimately predominates over evil in the world. 3.the belief that goodness pervades reality. 4.the doctrine that the existing world is the best of all possible worlds. The first definition describes Dark Blue perfectly. I am one of the most optimistic people I have ever met. I can find good in the worst situations. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and things always seem to work themselves out. Take this fwiw.

As I’ve read through the blogosphere these last few days I’ve noticed that optimism is not flowing freely like it should. Michigan is 3-0 yet all of these “professional bloggers” seem to find need to pick apart every little thing. So fucking what if our defense played like ass? We won the fucking game didn’t we. Craig Roh has come out and said that this kind of performance won’t happen again. Why shouldn’t we be optimistic? What can our negativity possible contribute, other then giving Dark Blue a fucking heart attack at a young age? Seriously people, have faith in the greatness that is MICH.

We play a MAC school this week in Bowling Green State University. What happens if we go out there and hold BGSU to 10 points and under 250 yards of total offense? Will everything in the world be right again? But what happens if we allow 400 yards of total offense and give up 30 points? Think about this, as long as we win the game does it really matter how poorly or great our defense plays? A win is a win is a win is a win.  Never forget that. Never forget the pain and heartbreak that is associated with 2008 and 2009. Never forget the long holiday season, where instead of gearing up to watch MICH play in a bowl game, we sat at home and rooted for Northwestern to kick somebody’s ass. Never forget the way that the last two years nearly broke Brain Cook.

This season things seem different, from the last two years. The offense seems like a complete, perfectly functioning unit. Everyone on that offense smiles, everyone is incredibly humble. Everyone is All in for Michigan. Everyone on Defense also plays with a smile. Jonas Mouton and Obi Ezeh seemed to have figured a few things out. Craig Roh is becoming a team leader at a very young age. Mike Martin has shown the ability to blow through double teams and wreak havoc in the backfield. And let us not forget the raddest dude ever, Mr. Denard “Shoelace” Xavier Robinson. The guys on the team absolutely love Denard, as does the majority of the fans and hell the media for that matter. He is the unquestioned leader of this team as a true sophomore. He is the guy who led us to a last second victory over Notre Dame, on the road. Has anything like that happened in the last two years? I don’t think so.

So what the fuck is the point of this post? BE POSITVIE. That is the point. All of the shit that our beloved Wolverines have been through the last two years, they don’t need to hear a bunch of bullshit negativity from their fan base. Support these kids in everything they do, and more importantly believe in them. Believe that they can accomplish anything. So our defense may not be the ‘97  version reincarnated. Who cares, these dudes can play and are learning at an incredible rate. This team has great things ahead of it. Believe in Rich Rodriguez, GERG Robinson, and the rest of our coaches. Believe in Denard Robinson, Vincent Smith, Jordan Kovacs, and Obi Ezeh. Just Believe in MICH and things will be just fine. GO BLUE

2 Response to "Painting With Words Refuses to Acknowledge the Haters"

  1. MidMichWolverine says:

    My, my, my.....such language.....I hope someone doesn't kiss, well, whoever he kisses, with that mouth!! Hahahaha

    Anonymous says:

    I love MMW way of lighting up a heated situation.

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