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Michigan 3-0 0-0 vs. BGSU 1-2 0-0

With UMass turning out to be not quite a cupcake, hopefully Michigan has a chance to take a big bite out of this delicious cupcake. Bowling Green has lost games to Troy and Tulsa, while beating Marshall. BGSU is a pass first team, who can’t run the ball at all, they rank 111th in rush yards. This game will be a big test for Michigan’s young secondary, although BGSU is down to their backup QB which should help us out a little bit. Well kids, lets get on with the previews.

Bowling Green Offense:

Bowling Green has then nations top receiver, in Kamar Jordan. He has 34 receptions for 343 yards, and a touchdown. He is also a pretty big kid, at 6’3” tall. I don’t know how being without QB Matt Schilz will effect the passing game. Taking Schilz’s place is sophomore Aaron Pankratz. Schilz was completing nearly 65% of his passes, so hopefully the passing game will slow down a little bit without him in there. BGSU has no running game, their leading rusher is Willie Geter who has run the ball 66 times for 243 yards and two touchdowns, over the course of 3 games. I don’t expect BGSU to try to run the ball all that often, just enough that they can use the occasional play action fake. Who wants charts? I want charts

Team Pass Yards Rush Yards Turnovers Points Total Yards
BGSU Offense 258.3 83.3 7 30.3 341.6
Michigan Defense 269.3 170 6 23.6 439.3


So yeah there’s that………

Bowling Green Defense:

Can Bowling Green Be the team that finally shuts down Denard? If I had a million dollars I would bet every last cent on it, that NO Bowling Green can’t shut down Denard. I’m not going deep into who is Bowling Green’s defense, just think of them, and I mean this with all due respect, as Denard Robinson’s next victims. Charts? Hellz Yeah

Team Pass Yards Rush Yards Turnovers Points Total Yards
BGSU Defense 270.3 195.3 9 30.3 465.6
Michigan O 223.7 286.3 2 33.3 510


What does it all mean?

Bowling Green seems to be good at forcing turnovers, but lets be honest, this is the best team they’re gonna face all year. I fully expect Michigan to rush for well over 400 yards, and only throw the ball sparingly. I can’t imagine Bowling Green’s defense can stop our offense. I also anticipate BGSU scoring some points. I know that GERG has installed a dime package for this game, and we’re probably gonna need it, because BGSU is gonna spread the feel out and throw the ball all day long.


Position MICH BGSU Advantage
QB A+ C+ Denard is all you need to know here
RB B+ D- Shaw had a breakout game, let’s see if he can continue to run hard.
WR/TE A A This is a push, I still think MICH has the best receiving corps in the Big Ten, but BGSU’s receivers are pretty good as well
O Line A B- Michigan’s O Line will flatten this team.
D Line C+ C Well, Mike Martin is a beast, other then that, not much production from our line. RVB and Banks step it up
Linebackers C+ C Mouton, and Roh are both great, although Mouton didn’t play well against UMass. Redemption game.
Secondary C+ D+ BGSU gives up a ton of yards through the air, so does MICH. Let’s see what GERG can dial up tomorrow.
Special Teams D B+ Any chance that Bryan Wright could come back and kick for us?



After playing like ass and WINNING, our defense comes to play and we win 49-10. GO BLUE

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