The Scared and Idiotic

He's gonna get hurt. I said don't run him.... Don't do it. You can't run a QB that much and make it the whole season. You just can't. 

 Robinson on one knee is what petrifies you

The people that are saying that are afraid. They are scared that the dude in dreads will show up and run wild on their team. I have had most these conversions with a friend at work that played on the 1999 MSU team. "Man you can't run a QB like that". "He's gonna get hurt". I also have seen most of this squawking from MSU fans in general. The UM vs ND Thread over at the scUM filled RCMB had too many to count of "Denard is gonna hurt before Greg Jones can get his chance!!" "HAHAHA Looks who's hurt! " and "Oh he back.... BUT HE'S GONNA GET HURT!".

Here's what it comes down to.... YOU WOULD BE IDIOT NOT TO.... Have you seen what this kid has done with 17-30 carries? He had a record setting four games. He is averaging like 8.7 yards a carry... Yeah for realzzz! Before sitting out the rest of  the Bowling Green game he was hitting at 25.8 yards a clip. He turned a 1 yard loss into like a 58 yard TD which no other human could have done. Why on earth would you hand cuff the kid? It's like the kids back in the day on my play ground "I don't like Michael Jordan, he shoots too much, coach should tell him to pass more". Hello?!?! You would be a dumb simpleton not to let Jordan touch or shoot the ball 90% of the time. Denard has the Jordan effect. He's such a weapon running you gotta do it. He has "it" as we say. You have to take that risk of injury since it's such a huge pay off.

Football is a funny sport where QBs who take very little hits can be knocked out for games at a time or a whole season. Take the Notre  Dame game for example. Dayne Crist was knocked out for a whole half and didn't take near the hits Robinson did. If it happen... It happens. It's football. It can happen to anyone. Ask Chad Henne who had the best LT in the game. His senior year was less than great thanks to an injury. He didn't take many hits. You just gotta roll with Robinson in the style of play. You could pull the rains back a bit and not win,loss close or win close. As Rich has always done just let em fly. You would be an idiot not to. 

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