Unbridled Optimism Still Has Me Soaring


Last night I decided to head into downtown Grand Rapids, and catch the Virginia Tech vs. Boise St. game in bar. This normally isn’t my scene, especially now since the bars are all non smoking. I was all decked out in Michigan apparel just like I am every other day of the year. As I watched 2 very good teams play what turned out to be an instant classic, something occurred to me. From watching the Broncos and The Chokies play, in my infinite wisdom, I decided that Michigan could play with either one of those teams.

There was 2 guys sitting at the bar with me. They were both Michigan fans, however they were on the opposite  ends of the spectrum. The first guy was about as big of a homer as I am. He smiled ear to ear when he talked about how Denard torched the UConn defense. He made me proud to be a Michigan fan. The other guy only talked about how UConn could have made a game of it if their receivers had held on the GODDAMN ball. He talked about how ugly the Michigan secondary looked, and how if Denard Robinson continues to carry the ball 29 times per game, he will need Brock Mealar like rehab to ever walk again. I was shocked that this one dude could have so much negativity after such a fantastic performance.

I guess I can understand some of the negativity. Michigan is 8-16 over the course of the last two years. There hasn’t been a whole lot to be optimistic about. My argument to this is a simple quote from that timeless classic Billy Madison.


Don't you say that. Don't you ever say that. Stay here. Stay here as long as you can. For the love of God, cherish it. You have to cherish it.


We need to remain optimistic. Sure we may lose this week to Notre Dame, or we go out there and annihilate the Golden Domers. This is why they play the game. Denard Robinson may carry the ball 30 times a game for the next 3 years and never miss a down. None of us can see the future. Our Secondary may turn into 5 versions of Charles Woodson, we don’t know. This is why they play the game. If you truly love the Wolverines like I believe most of you do, then remain optimistic. Don’t let the doubts and what ifs creep into your minds. We are Michigan, THE LEADERS AND BEST. I believe this young football team gets that, and will do whatever it takes to be successful.

I was going to get into the bashing of the Huskies meme yet again but meh, I don’t feel like. After reading some of the UConn message boards, UConn fans seem like generally good dudes. I will be rooting for the Huskies the rest of the way. Win the Big East boys.

Bashing of Notre Dame however will begin in full tomorrow. FUCK YOU IRISH!!!!!!!!!!


Great Expectations are what we need to have!!!!!!

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