Bye Week Blues


The bye week is upon us here in MichiganLand. What is a guy (or girl) to do? Well Dark  Blue in his infinite wisdom has come up with some ideas for you, to help cure your boredom. Complete with bullets

  • Have sex, lots and lots of sex. This always helps cure my boredom. If only I was better looking.
  • Drink a shit ton of beer. This is a great way to cure boredom, and while you may wake up in the morning feeling like ass, just think of all the fun things that you did, that you can’t remember.
  • Poop a lot. Bye weeks are great for cleaning out your intestines.
  • I’m sure there is prolly lots of other goodt college football james on Saturday, but lets be honest. Michigan isn’t playing so do we really care? I know I don’t. PSU vs. Minny may sound like a riveting matchup but that game has more ASS then Jennifer Lopez. And not in a goodt way.
  • Get outta the house and go see a concert. Man I’m sure you can find some great Blue Oyster Cult cover band playing at a bar near you. I mean what could be better then listening to some drunk middle age biker sing don’t fear the reaper? Nothing at all except…
  • strip clubs. That is all.

Also for the 20 people who read this shizz, thank you for your support. Granted we aren’t mgoblog or even the WLA, but I think on occasion we deliver some pretty goodt content. Also we are the only MICH blog in the blogosphere who offers nightly chats. Ladies looking for an e-hookup, well check us out.

Also for your entertainment I’m gonna throw up a video, just because I love you guys. Thanks!!!

One Moar also ASS

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