Conference Power Rankings

This is the conference version of the power rankings that I did yesterday. This will also continue throughout the season.

1. Pac 10- The Pac 10 has been completely dominant throughout the season, with Oregon looking virtually unstoppable, Stanford's one loss coming to Oregon, and Arizona actually playing well. Oregon State is also a better team than its record indicates.

2. SEC- The SEC is hampered in its ranking by the East, as, with the exception of South Carolina, every team over there has choked. Florida is in transition mode and Georgia is off to its worst start dating back to who knows when. In the West, Alabama was finally knocked off its perch at #1, LSU somehow continues to win (and I'd guess will be exposed sooner or later), and Auburn continues to escape. If the East can pick it up, the SEC will overtake the Pac 10.

3. Big 10- Ohio State is ranked #1 and Michigan State is inexplicably playing well for the first time in a long time, but there are still many questions in the conference. Michigan has the offensive firepower, but no defense. Purdue, Penn State, and Minnesota are all awful this year. Wisconsin has looked vulnerable, and Iowa was knocked off in Arizona.

4. Big 12- For the first time in several years, Texas is not in the Top 25 and is playing awful. Nebraska and Oklahoma both look like excellent teams, but besides Oklahoma State, there really is not another team that looks particularly menacing in the conference. Also, Oklahoma State must win at Texas Tech for the first time since 1944 this weekend.

5. ACC- James Madison, James Madison, James Madison. Va Tech's loss continues to hurt the ACC. North Carolina continues to he hampered by the agent issue, and just dismissed several players. Miami got demolished by Florida State, and FSU may be the last good team left in the conference.

6. Big East- When Syracuse knocks off a team on the road at that team's homecoming, you know your conference is in trouble. The only decent team left is quite possibly West Virginia, and even they have had problems this year (Marshall). The Big East has not helped itself this year. Oh, and Pitt needs a new coach desperately.

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