I am Rooting for Ohio State Next Week

This is a first for me. Until now, I have consistently held two rooting interests every Saturday without fail:

1) I always root for Michigan to win. This is a given and should go without saying.
2) I always rooted for Ohio State to lose. This was secondary in importance to Michigan winning, but a loss by Ohio State made Michigan wins seem sweeter and Michigan losses easier to take.

I will break this trend on Saturday, when Ohio State plays Indiana. This is because I will be rooting for Indiana to lose every game for the rest of the season, and possibly eternity as well. This is because the Indiana fanbase is utterly classless and doesn't deserve a decent team. In addition to throwing things at Kevin Koger after he scored and chanting "Break his leg" at Denard, they cheered when Denard went down with an injury. I have never heard Ohio Stadium filled with cheers when a player was injured. In fact, I've never heard any fanbase cheer an injury to an opposing player. I didn't expect Indiana fans to be sad that Denard went down, but cheering it is utterly classless.

So I hope that Ohio State eviscerates Indiana next week. I hope that they keep every starter in for the entire game and win 87-0. And I hope that every Indiana fan who cheered Denard's injury cries throughout every game for the rest of the season. They deserve it.

*My apologies to any Indiana fans who are decent people who happen to read this post. I'm sure there are many of you. However, many of your fellow Hoosier fans are reprehensible and do not deserve any reason to ever be happy about football.

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