MidKnights of the Round Table 8



1. How excited are you for the Big Ten season to kick off

SCS100: Very excited, as it will truly tell us how good this team is. While we had a decent out of conference schedule (for once), there is nothing that makes up for conference play. If we go 4-4 or better in conference play, then we will have truly turned the corner.

Shredder: Very, just for Michigan to come out and prove that this isn't 2009. Like every non UM fans says in that dumb voice. "YA YA!! FORCIER WAS GONNA WIN THE HEISMAN LAST YEAR WAIT UNTIL B10 PLAY STARTS". I have lost count on how many times I hear this. We should know by PSU week of this team in for real or not.

Seth9: I am not remotely excited. Having games against MSU, Iowa, Penn State, Wisconsin, and Ohio State on the horizon strikes me as rather dull, as ESPN has informed me that the not-at-all overhyped SEC conference slate will be the only thing that I pay attention to for the remainder of the year. (OK, I'll turn off the sarcasm switch for the rest of this)

Dark Blue: I’m pretty excited, this is Michigan’s chance to show the hater’s that we have turned the corner. 8-0 baby, 8-0

2. How optimistic are you for MICH in Big Ten play?

SCS100: I feel that Michigan will go anywhere between 3-5 and 5-3 in conference play. I'll just take the middle and say 4-4, with losses to Iowa, Penn State, Wisconsin, and Ohio State.

Shredder: Pretty high at this point. We just are not turning the ball over which makes a huge difference. We hung in games when giving the ball up last year. If we can keep this up we should keep scoring in the 30s and 40s. I dont expect it to go this well forever but we have shown that we wont cough it up as much. If Denard can survive B10 play than we maybe looking at 8-9 wins.

Seth9: I'm worried about Michigan's ability to play well in the Big Ten, to be honest. While the offense should be excellent, our issues on defense and special teams are quite concerning. Our present inability to kick a field goal outside of the redzone, combined with a rather shaky defense, could cost us several games in Big Ten play. On the other hand, having the most electrifying and awesome player in the country could easily win us several game as well. An emotional rollercoaster is on the horizon.

Dark Blue: Extremely Optimistic. I don’t know if there is a defense in the Big Ten that can stop our Offense, at the same time I’m not sure that there is a QB who can pick apart our defense although we shall know more about that after this weekend.

3. What does MICH have to do to be successful against Indiana

SCS100: Actually stop Indiana's offense occasionally (I think their offense will probably do a lot of damage against our D) and not turn the ball over. Do these things and we should be fine.

Shredder: Just run it baby. Run and run some more. Also make IU punt at least three times and we should be alright. I expect IU to have a bit of shell shock for the first quarter due to the jump in competition. They will need to adjust to that. You go from pushing the Towsons of the world around to being mauled by Michigan, it's gonna take a bit for IU to catch up to the speed and power of Michigan. Lets hope its too late by than.

Seth9: Michigan needs to keep doing what they've been doing on offense, namely eviscerate overmatched defenses without mercy. Defensively, we need to avoid any crippling mistakes and make a few stops against Indiana's strong passing attack. Thankfully, Indiana has shown weakness in the running game and on their offensive line, which will help. Redzone defense will also be key for Michigan, as Indiana's passing attack will likely take advantage of soft coverage and get down the field.

Dark Blue: Run the ball and not turn it over. They do these two things and this game isn’t even close.

4. How many yards of total offense do the Wolverines put up against Indiana, how many yards do we give up

SCS100: 542 yards of offense for us and 479 yards for them.

Shredder: We put up 525 and give up 398

Seth9: We will run up 525 yards of offense and give up 400. Indiana's going to put together a number of drives and rack up yards against our secondary, but we are the superior team.

Dark Blue: We put up over 600 yards including over 400 on the ground, we only give up about 320, most of which are through the air.

5. What is the final score of the Indiana game?

SCS100: This game and the next will probably turn into shootouts, so I'll say Michigan wins 52-38.

Shredder:  I feel like the game is either blow out or really close. No 31 to 21 score. I Think IU's poor scheduling hurts them and Michigan wins 42-24

Seth9: Michigan 42, Indiana 31

Dark Blue: 52-21 MICH

6. What is Michigan's final record in Big Ten play?

SCS100: As I said above, 4-4.

Shredder: A bit early to say. I can't throw that out just yet. After Iowa, get back to me.

Seth9: I'm currently betting on 4-4. We'll almost certainly lose to OSU and Wisconsin, and we'll probably beat Purdue, Illinois, and Indiana. I think we'll beat MSU and lose to Penn State and Iowa, but I'm a lot less certain on those. I wouldn't be surprised if we did better than 4-4 by stealing a game or two against teams like Penn State and Iowa, but I also wouldn't be surprised if we wound up losing to MSU.

Dark Blue: Need you even ask? 8-0 bitches 8-0

7. What player on both sides of the ball has the best year? Who breaks out the rest of the year

SCS100: Denard obviously on offense and Martin on defense.

Shredder: Denard and Mike Martin. If anyone says anything else you are fired from this blog....Wait don't go!!! Ahh I will go out on the limb and say Mike Cox gets his shot at IU and becomes one of our best backs. I know it maybe a reach but I still drool when he gets carries.

Seth9:Offense: Obvious. Seriously, why bother asking.

Defense: Mike Martin (also obvious)

Break out: Cullen Christian (well, I hope anyway). I'm already considering Taylor Lewan as having broken out.

Dark Blue: Denard and Martin are the two obvious choices. As far as breaking out, on offense I think we’ll see Cox get some more time, and have a chance. On Defense I’m excepting Cam Gordon and Ray VinoGRIT to play really well from here on out. 

8. Anything I missed?

SCS100:Don't take this game for granted (it's a huge trap game), but if we win, things are looking good.

Shredder: Yeah what about the business ethics of Madison Hotels? We didn't talk about that.

Seth9: One thing that will be very interesting to watch this year is how effective Michigan's new dime package is against non-MAC passing attacks. If we can competently defend 3rd and longs this year, we could be in for a very good season as our offense looks great and with our defense only needs to be good enough to survive a shootout.

Dark Blue: Fuck you Pam Ward and ESPNU that is all. Also no preview today, I’ve been swamped with shit to do, and haven’t had time. Hate week begins on Sunday!!!!!!!!

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