One Shreds Opinion

Michigan did what it wanted when they were tied or down. When up seven it seems like they relaxed a bit. I was waiting for them to take control of the game and go up two scores but it just never happened. Denard has another record setting day. Outside of a few over thrown balls that could have been for a scores he had another "magical" day. Smith didn't light the world on fire but had his best run of his career for a huge TD. My thought is that Mike Cox will never play this year if he couldn't get in on that game. That was the first time I have ever seen Rich only use one back for 99% of the game. The WRs had a huge day. They were great after the catch. Hemingway had a Braylon type of catch to give Michigan the chance to win the game. Roundtree was a monster after the catch again. I really gotta give it to the wide receivers. I said they were one of the weakest groups on the team to start the season and they have become one of the best. No Stonum sightings in that game. The O-line looked good again, Lewan seems to be a mauler and I even caught him holding ona few plays and a huge hold on the Denard run on the last drive. He needs to clean that up or it can cost us drives. As a whole they continue to thrive.

The melt downs I have seen on message boards *Cough Mgoboard Cough* have been pretty "RCMB" and embarrassing for those who act surprised. For anyone who didn't get the pre-season memo.....THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE! Going in we knew we would have to out score people. I don't know why wanting to fire our 3rd defensive coordinator in 5 years would be a good idea. Once Troy went down we knew the passing defense was held togeather by duck tape. There is a reason we play a zone 90% of the time. Rogers will get burnt. Our Frosh corners will get burnt. This strategy why may not make us look the best... It is getting us wins. So all you idiots please lay off the Silver Fox. He doing his best with what he's got.

Now thats out of my system the defense did play pretty bad. They got enough stops to win the game. The D-line was impressive as the game went on. The three man front got a lot of push and seem to olny get stronger as they doubled the offense's snaps. Mike Martin is a damn world beater. He tossed the Indiana center aside on several plays. Banks had maybe his best game at Michigan but Brian's UFR will confirm this. Black didn't do much but did have a few hurries. The LBs were alright I guess. The run D was solid and Mouton played good. Obi not so sure since I haven't watched the game again(Pam Ward may cause me not to). The corners were pretty awful. To their credit they did have to play through a lot of 4th downs and played maybe the best WR core in the B10. It just isn't gonna happen this year. We are just gonna have to roll with Rogers and frosh who will struggle. Next year they should get better.... They can't get any worse right?

The Good
-Denard continues to "Rock my World"
-Roundtree has quicks for a stick.
-Denard tosses it up to Hemingway...HEMINGWAY!!
-Oline wants to smush with you.
-Mike Martin wants to Smush you!!
-Cam coming around?

The Bad
-3rd and 16 James Rogers!! It's ok we know.
-Mike Cox nailed to the bench.
-V.Smith was "Meh"
-RVB is a ghost
-Lewsan's Rage(I think this should be in the good?). He became a enraged animal but ESPNU only uses two camera's and didn't catch it.
-Denard feels the Rich Rod bite. Which we thought was only reserved for Tate.

The Ugly
-ESPNU forcing me to drop $5 for the Charter Sports Package.. Yeah thats right.. FORCED!
-Pam Word is ugly in the voice.
-Indiana sets records through the air.
-End of the half!!!! ahhhhhhh come on!!
-Fresh meat corners
-Ben Chap... Could have been better(thank god he wasn't).
-Michigan State

Detroit News

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