One Shreds Opinion

Denard and offense got off to the fast start by moving the ball at will vs a very good Iowa defense. The problems came in yellow flags and TOs. First the yellow flags. Lewan had a rough day, but the personal foul was a bit touchy but a flag none the less. On the flip side he held one of the best linemen in college football at bay and showed how much of a stud this kid is. He also jumped off the line but he is still young and will get better. All the flags on both sides of the ball had me feeling like I was watching the Lions or something. This team seemed so disciplined in it's first four games and ball was taken care of. Mistakes once again hold the offense back, Denard seems to freak out if he gets more than 3-4 seconds in the pocket. Like the football is a ticking time bomb. His INT was very 2009 Iowa. Just threw it to the safety after freaking out. He needs to learn to throw it away or just take off and try to make some magic with his gifted legs. I think it something we will see him get better at but it's not there yet. Deanrd's nasty habit of packing the ball when his first read isn't there has shown it's self. Thats when mistakes come.

When Denard was knocked out with a hand injury, Tate came in and played very well. He makes a defense adjust to a new game plan on the fly and did well besides a few INTs but Michigan was pressing at that point to make plays. You also gotta give a lot of love to the WR. Stonum and Hemingway had I think their best day at Michigan. This team might be finding a go to WR in Hemingway which I hope. We have that guy in Roundtree on the inside but we haven't found that on the outside. The Offense led a great come back but came up short. I think I can say this team has more heart than 09. They hung tough and almost made magic happen.

A lot like MSU, I really think they did enough to win the game if the offense wasn't busy turning the ball over. Were they perfect? Far from it. Mouton is like Jekyll and Hyde. Which Mouton is gonna show? Saturday we saw Jekyll. Mouton allowed countless cut backs. Not all his fault but once again not playing his gap. The defense crapped the bed on long 3rd downs. The 3rd and 13 draw play made me wanna punch myself in the face. Our young corner Floyd had his worst day. Floyd had a face mask and was burned bad on a slant pass for a TD. He found himself out of position many times. I am sure Brian's UFR will murder him. At the end of the day they just couldn't get a stop for UM to get the ball back. On a better note we did find our self a MLB... Kenny Demons was a upgrade from Obi. Obi came in on the 3rd drive and RR was seen running down Greg asking why in gods name is Obi out there. Kenny was put back in at that point. He wasn't perfect and made mistakes but I think we saw improvement.

Special Teams
I don't do a ST ever but I have no hair left after Saturdays game. The two kick offs that landed out of bounds were killers. The kicker just took a dump in his pants....Twice! It's something you don't see much. I don't even feel like finding out how to spell his name so I just call him "Poopey Pants". It may have cost this team in the end. Iowa would have been down by a very loud student section. The blocked FG is a whole another rage. Comes back to coaching again. If the ball is deflected or blocked and hits the field of play... It is fucking live! TWO WEEKS IN A ROW! This time it almost cost Michigan.. Oh wait it did. That one again is on Rich Rod. I am sorry but in last weeks game film session there was something to learn and the team didn't learn it. Maybe this week it might finally be addressed? Lets hope.

The Good
-We found a deep threat?
-Tate can get it done.
-Down the field passing is back at UM
-Didn't pack it in.
-Loud Big House 75% full
-We has MLB?

The Bad
-Mouton's Jekyll
-3rd and long
-Freak out moments by Denard
-Packing the ball=NOOOOOOOOOO!!
-Lewan is an asshole but I like it.
-Seeing Yellow
-Denard is banged up would be an understatement
-Molk knocked out
-V.Smith up the middle

The Ugly
-Special teams
-Special teams
-Special teams
-Blocked FGs are fucking live!
-Special teams
-Special teams
-Running backs are a mess.
-Crappy fans who boo and leave early. I hate you.

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