Putting It All into Perspective


I sat alone in the dark last night, drinking Maker’s Mark bourbon, and genuinely hating the world. I had not watched any football after the Michigan loss. That never happens on a Saturday night. Football rules the day, what had happened to me?

I received at call from a friend, when things were at their blackest. This friend helped put things in perspective for me. We are Michigan, we will once again be at the top of the football world. It may happen in 2011, or it may not happen again until 2169. Someone on mgo the other day, commented that Michigan fans are spoiled little bitches, to remember the Red Sox and the 86 year championship drought they went through. Sure you had some pissed off fans, but these dudes made the trek to Fenway Park every night. They never lost faith. What have we been through? Two losing seasons, and no National Championships since 1997?

I love the game as much as any person in the world, but the thing I have to keep reminding myself, is, DB it’s just a game. Life or death doesn’t hinge on Michigan’s performance on the field. Sure it is okay to be sad after a tough loss, just don’t drink a bottle of bleach.

We are Michigan, we have more tradition then 99.8% of FCS schools. We will return to the top, this institution is committed to winning. Let’s just try to have some faith and believe in what they’re building in Ann Arbor.

2 Response to "Putting It All into Perspective"

  1. Anonymous says:

    most rational comment on UM i've read yet

    The Shredder says:

    Well said. Some people on MGB and in the stands yesterday made me hate my own fan base. People are clueless assholes who run and yell "Denard 2000 and 2000! Heisman!" When things are 5-0 and when we lose to two top 12 teams the sky is falling and fire everyone. I hate our fans more with every lose.

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