Life Support

On Saturday around 8pm Rich Rodriguez and Greg Robinson wondered into a bar called the "Happy Beaver". Little did they know that night may change them forever.
Greg grabbed a table as Rich went up to the bar to grab a round of "boiler makers". While Greg was sitting he noticed a old broken man(team) in the corner just staring at him. The man has a cast on his leg and arm with a neck brace to match. The old man seemed a shell of his former self(PSU 09).

The old man rises and walks over to Greg. "Wanna take this outside Silver Fox?" "This is my bar and I don't take kindly to your type." Greg taken back says "you can't be serious". "Look at you... You have a cast(walk on QB) on your arm. I will embarrass you."
The old man has fierce look in his eyes.... "Get the fuck out of my bar". The old man than pushed Greg over in his chair and drags him outside where the broken old man began to pummel Greg on side walk. Greg Yelled out HELP! and NO!!! But it was too late the old broken man was putting Greg(the Michigan defense) in his place.

Just then Rich busted out of the door and onto the side walk. He pulls the old man off Greg. Rich looks at Greg's bloody face and says "This injured old man beat you like this?" Greg at this point yelled out "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?!?!?"(THERE ALL FROSH IN THE SECONDARY!!) Rich than looks at the old man. He has a smirk on his face as to say come get some young buck... Rich charges the old man with his fist balled and ready to make a mess with them. Greg yells out "NOOOOOooooOOOOOO!!" but it was to late. The old man would not be denied. He began to land one hay maker on Rich after another. A blow to the head and than the body. Rich falls to the ground. The old broken man starts to jab Rich's head with his crutch(knee down on 5 yard line). The old man than said "If you come back again(lose out) I will have you killed(fired). The old man used his crutch to wonder back into the Happy Beaver.

911 was called and an ambulance took Rich to the hospital where he is now on Life Support. Will he wake up? No one really knows. We do know that if an old broken down man(PSU 10) can get the best of him(UM 10) than how in the world can he survive this world(season)?

Click image for HD view
Oct 30th... Will he ever be the same?

2 Response to "Life Support"

  1. MidMIchWolverine1 says:

    I thought it was GERG Robinson?

    Dark Blue says:

    This was pretty clever, well done.

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