A Ball Hawk and a P.A.G.A.N.

This is a bit late but I just wanted to comment on the two commits Michigan just picked up.

Jarrod Wilson

6 Star

He is a 4 star across the board but we at Midnight Maize hand up to 10 stars so he comes in at a 6 star. With a good senior season he may get a 7th star. It pretty refreshing to have a true safety finally commit. I was getting pretty sick of the all the hybrid non sense.

Hybrid safety/LB is like Lost's Kate and Jacks will they or won't sex tension... but not sex tension but will they pan out at either position.

We don't have to worry about any of that crap with Wilson. This kid looks like the first legit safety since Earnest Shazor(sorry Adams). He got the body and has great instincts. He makes great breaks on the ball and had 10-12ish INT depending on what stat boy you believe. I think instincts might be the most important factor in a safety. Breaking on the ball, laying hard hits, reading QBs and all that comes down to great instincts. I think Jarrod has top end instincts from the film I have seen.

I could see him getting some PT in his red shirt sophomore year. With Marvin Robinson gone it may be his job to lose.

They say the kid is a real Ball Hawk... What the hell is that? I always think of this...

Kyle Kalis
8 Star

Former OSU commit Kyle Kalis gave Michigan a verbal after dropping the buckeyes. Kyle is a 5 star on Scout and 4 on the rest with ESPN acting like they don't know him. On Midnight Maize he grabs 8 stars. He is a very big and physical OL.

In his highlight tape he is pancaking 8th graders left and right.. Well that is what they look like anyway since he has a man body. There was some chatter that his arms are a bit shorter then liked but either way he is gonna be a great guard or tackle.

He could play early with shallow OL Michigan has right now. Maybe as fast as a Red Shirt Frosh. But with all the new OL commits we will see what happens. He has all the tools to be a all big ten type. His offer list was also..the tits.

Naturally OSU fans acted like it wasn't his god given right as a American to choose what college he should be able go to. With not one.. not two.. but three threads on what a loser Kyle is for having free will. People were even hoping injury on the poor kid.

You would have thought he joined P.A.G.A.N. and wasn't recruited by Brady Hoke but Emil Muzz  and was wearing Goat leggings and dancing around a water pit with a giant snake slithering through it while trying to eat a virgin women wearing a white wedding dress.... The nerve.

All he did was choose the school that won't be missing bowl games and won't have to worry about a new coach in another year. He didn't push the Virgin in... OSU fans are ruthless animals.

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  1. Hostpph says:

    I did not know anything about Jarrod Wilson and he looks pretty young, but I hope that because of Michigan picked him up, he must be really special, do you not think so?

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