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With football season starting up and some good live blogs(thanks 247 crew) we have going on, I will be in the need of some more help. I would like to add live blogs to almost every night. I don't expect SCS to do that all on his own. I have Thursday night through Saturday night. I will find out what SCS is planning on for the nights he may be able to take. Then fill in the open days with some fresh meat. Also check out the more committed jobs the site needs.

Live Blog Mod-You accept the comments, edit them if anything is out of bounds(not much is). Post up the live blog from 11pm or 12am to when ever it slows down. You are not required to post any sort of content or blog postings. Just all Live Blogs. Depending on what SCS plans on doing I may take as many as two people to fill this need.

Recruiting Guru-Still trying to get this off the ground. I am doing my own search but I am willing to listen to anyone who is interested that is really committed to doing this job. You more then likely will be posting many times a week any updates. You will also need to keep some sort of recruiting board(maybe implant a system on Michigan's chances with recruits). If you could write a review of a commit that talks about his strength and weaknesses would be a plus. I am really looking for a serious recruitment nut to take this. I can't have people quitting after a week like in the past. It should really be a passion.

Insider-Not sure if there is anyone out there that can really fill this role(Ace don't apply). Any things you can find out about the players,coaches,water boys... and team. Updates in anyway on those things. This maybe a pipe dream.

If you have questions or are interested in any of the above jobs please contact me at

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