Midnight Links

User JCGolf posted a pretty good Denard pump up video

I am not crazy about the music but it has every Denard highlight from last year with good editing. Nice work.

Thunder at Touch the Banner continues to rank the players on the team. Tony Anderson comes in at #61. The most note worthy thing from the post didn't have anything to do with Anderson...
Cullen Christian was avoiding tackling, and Greg Brown was an early enrollee freshman.  That left returning part-time starter Courtney Avery and Anderson to be the #1 cornerback tandem.  And from what I saw, Anderson didn't do too badly.
I had no idea CC was avoiding tackling. That is a huge issue for a college football player. Good luck CC..at Pitt? I forgot.

Mgorecruit profiles the latest commit Blake Bars
I know there will be a few of you thinking, why didn’t Michigan hold out for guys like Andrus Peat, Zach Banner etc instead of taking this three star guy. Well the truth is that those guys are still longshots even if they visit Michigan. Bars has a lot of potential, and thus we should be happy about his commitment. Trust the coaches!
Yeah I heard those rumblings as well. I have no issues taking a 3 star guy who could be a stud down the road and wants to be at Michigan.

SE Michigan Sports(Yak) does his happy dance on Tressel ball's grave.
Yep. It saddens me a little. I foolishly thought he was clean. I knew Pryor was a "well compensated student athlete." Everyone did. Everyone whose school he was considering knew there was a fairly decent chance he would end up driving nicer cars than the coaching staff. Hell, I was happy with my 2008 Impala until he was seen driving around in this....
This picture is titled "pryor-fucktard.jpg" which is nice

Yak writes great stuff... But come on! you thought he was clean? PHhhssss!

Greg at Mvictors talks Mascots.
I summarized my take on the mascot situation in one tweet: The Michigan mascot in my head wears fierce armor made from pieces of the stadium halo, and the ’93 Final Four banner as a cape.  

That sounds like a damn good MS paint.

Maize and Brew loves Canada. Brian pubs his great Maple Street Press.
MGOvideo finds Mike Martin at Suh camp. Seems fitting.

Blast from the Past

Remember when Grady was the next great RB? I do.

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