Brink or Bust

One of the two pictures that exist on the net of Brink
A lot of people have been freaking out over the coaches comments about Nathan Brink. Many feel its just a ploy to get Big Will motivated. I might have thought that if it was one comment and that is all we heard but it has been non stop as of late.

There is no way in the world the coaches would give this kid endless praise if it weren't real. Brink can read the news too and there is no way they use a kid like that. Like I said if it was one comment but its been a Nathan Brink love fest by the coaches. People are freaking out but maybe the kid can play. If Big Will can't be counted on then moving RVB over is gonna be needed. Nathan fills in and a way we go. Brink or Bust. I think this may say even more about Black and Roh.

I really believe Brink starts on Sep 3rd. Don't freak out until we get to see the goods but this not a "lets use this name to get others to play better". He is playing.

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