Jordan Payton Visit Reaction

Jordan Payton is one of the most sought after recruits in the country. Payton is a wide receiver for Oaks Christian, a powerhouse that produced Division 1 talents like: Casey Matthews, Jimmy Clausen, Marc Tyler, and Chris Owusu. Payton is considered to be one of the top prospects in California and one of the top receivers in the class of 2012. Against some of the toughest high school competition in the nation, Payton racked up 1088 yards on 45 receptions (18 of which were touchdowns) as a sophomore and 840 yards on 61 catches (for 9 touchdowns) in his junior season.

At 6-2 and 195 lbs., Payton has the size that is seen in many elite FBS receivers, but he also has great agility and hands. He is very smooth while running, which makes him deceptively fast. Payton does not shy away from contact, and is strong enough to run over defenders. He also has a high football IQ, and has a knack for slipping in between defenders playing zone. At the next level, Payton has the potential to make an immediate impact as a freshman and gradually develop into a physical playmaker similar to Notre Dame's Michael Floyd.

Fresh off his trip to Ann Arbor, Jordan agreed to give me an interview.

ScoutExile: ESPN commentator Brent Musburger called this weekend's game against Notre Dame an "instant classic." What did you think about the game and what did you think about the Michigan Stadium's atmosphere?
Jordan Payton: "The atmosphere was insane, and I've never experienced that before. I was high-fiving the security guards whenever Michigan scored."

SE: From what you saw on this visit, did Michigan look like it'd be a fun place to go to school and play football?
JP: "Michigan did look like it was a place I would have a lot of fun at."

SE: The "throwback" uniforms drew mixed reviews, what did you think of the uniforms?
JP: "The uniforms looked so good. I liked them a lot."

SE: Did you get to talk to the coaches, what did you guys discuss?
JP: "I talked a lot with the coaches. I walked around campus with them, and sat down with them for about an hour. They think I can come in and make a immediate impact, and play as a freshman."

SE: Ann Arbor is ranked as the second best college town by the American Institute for Economic Research. Did you get a feel for the campus and town? What were your impressions?
JP:"The town was truly amazing, and I can see why people love Ann Arbor."

SE: Do you feel comfortable with the coaches, the current commits, and players, the town, and the university right now?
JP: "I felt comfortable with everything in Ann Arbor."

SE: Is Michigan still your leader, and do you have a timetable for your decision?
JP: "Michigan is my leader right now, and I have to talk to my family [about a timetable]."

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  1. well now that I have read it for first time, I understand why the reaction and I think it is normal and in a situation like that, I would react myself like that

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