One Shreds Opinion

Ugh.. for the first three quarters I wanted to know how 2009 Denard had time traveled back and taken the place of 2011 Denard. He was really bad until the forth. He missed some simple passes. The first screen he tried to run to Smith was one of the worst over throws I have ever seen. 3 and outs were rampant... Dogs and Cats living together.. Mass Hysteria! Then the night clouds parted and god smiled down on Michigan Stadium. Every moon ball connected. Balls were magically slipping out of Tommy Rees's hands. God said.... Denard go do you. And he did. Do we have a running back? hell no. Don't even say Fitz. The dude can't make it through games or practices with out being hurt. He will never be a major force on this team due to this. The other avg a whooping 2 yards a carry. Shaw didn't even see a carry(like 2) and Hopkins was bad. At least out WR can catch a jump ball or two. Hemingway may never go down into lore like Braylon or Carter but the dude has turned into a damn good stud. Roundtree may have found his mojo again after having a case of the drops. The O-line was alright... not really. Got pushed around at times. I didn't watch them enough but what I saw wasn't great at times.

Can we say they are average yet? They aren't great but they aren't last years suck fest either. Some of the play calls by Mattison were terrible. Notre Dame made smart adjustments. Nothing is more frustrating then having Mike Martin run away from the ball carrier when he should have ripped his head off at the line. The play call on the final Notre Dame touchdown was dumb. Asking Marvin to drop back that fast and track a WR to make a play is crazy thinking. Other then that he made this defense force teams to punt! Which was a rare thing last year. We also had some nice 3rd and 1 stops. If anything this defense is forcing turnovers.. If you don't think its average.. I do think it is. Not sure on the current rankings but I think its damn close to average..yay.

Special Teams
Punting was alright. Wile tackled a man! "Yeah I saw that!" May wanna lay low Matt.

The Good
-Denard went Postal in the 4th.
-Moon balls worked like 85% of the time.
-Smith still finds way to make plays
-Big Will might not be a lost cause? Home Alone YESSSSSS!!!!!
-Ryan is like a poor mans Matthews on the edge.
-All your 3rd and 1s belong to us!
-Still forcing turnovers.
-The Big House was a thing of Magic.
-Piped in Music.. There I said it. Sue me.
-HD Boards! Mooooore!
-Rees forgetting to use stick em.

The Bad
-All Running game not named Deanrd
-Some defensive play calls
-Some offensive play calls
-Oline play was "meh"
-Anyone covering Floyd
-Mike Martin running backwards

The Ugly
-Denards not
-My guess is that Denards INT count goes up.
-Last defensive play.
-The first three quarters
-The teams nerves

The atmosphere was awesome. All the pre game was great and we stood the whole game! Which is like find pot of gold. The Irish fan next to be was a  good loser. I had a blast. best game I have ever been to.

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