One Shreds Opinion

EMU Thoughts

The Good
-Smith would be a beast in the Mac
-We has Safeties(that is internet cat talk)?
-Denard would be a beast in the Mac
-Mike Martin went back to norm
-Roh found his smile?
-Black a player or pretender?
-Goal line is our bitch
-Big Will...ahhh ok.

The Bad
-Man ball fail
-Right now Denard couldnt throw a football through a open door.
-Contain...CONTAIN!! DAMNIT! <--- Me from my couch.
-Hawthrone??? Now hiring.
-Who needs red shirts?

The Ugly
-Zero catches for Roundtree and Hemingway
-Any ball that leaves Denards hand.
-Not seeing more of Devin
-Shaw? Still have a pulse?
-1st quarter scoring:0!

Has Denard been that bad? For me yeah he has. For whatever reason he can't even make the simple throws. When the good teams shut down the run and Denard goes all Moon ball we might be trouble. He has been so hit or miss. Right on the money to Gallon.. Or miss a wide up Koger up the sideline. Not sure if he is just thinking so much or what but I hope he figures it out. His passing has been brutal. I can't just blame it on man ball like some do. I think he has been terrible in shotgun or warming up before the game. SDSU would be a good start to find his mojo in the passing game. Hemingway and Roundtree are starving... Feed them!

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