10 things I hate about The Michigan State Spartans

Sometimes ten is hard to come up with. This time around... Ten wasn't enough. Even though I kept it at ten I could have gone 25+ easy.

10.The Movie 300

Thank god Hollywood came up with a crappy movie for Spartan fans to make their own. Its fitting since the movie is way over the top and so are most Spartan fans. I can't get enough of the dumb "Spartans what is your profession? chant during MSU games. It isn't tacky or annoying at all. What would you boobs do with out some terrible movie to make you feel better about yours selves?

9.Charles Rogers
Thanks for setting the Lions back 6 years. He was hyped as the next Randy Moss by many Spartan fans and NFL "gurus". He was anything but. He played in only 14 games before letting injuries and drugs take over. You know he was high 90% of the time at MSU. I think Charles smoked so much dope he might be forever high which I am sure this loser is fine with. As I type this out Charles and Jeff "Smoker" are sitting around sniffing coke of a dead hookers ass in a motel room down on MLK boulevard.

8.Tom and Lupe Izzo
Great shirt Tom. No but really who likes The Izzos outside of the East Lansing? No one. The West Coast don't even know they exist(lucky). Tom just makes me grind my teeth. He is such a spaz on the sidelines. He can never keep it together. I am sure 95% of his team hates his guts(its been proven over the years). I came to hate Lupe during the final four in Detroit where CBS showed a 1000 shots of her and each time she looked "blah" or "lifeless". Like she was in outer space. If you think that isn't a good reason not to like someone then you don't know me. On the bright side, the football program is so sad that it is accepting loans... err I mean donations from the schools basketball coach.

I just have always hated Green. I hate Green cars,green house,green cups,green shits,earth day shirts,green leaves,green day music and green panties. You name it, if its green I don't like it. This dosn't have as much to do with MSU as to the fact I just hate green. It doesn't help their cause though that they picked the ugliest color in the world. I mean when I barf.. Its Green more times then not. Sometimes when people poop... Its green. Why should that color rep any school is beyond me. Good job state in choosing a color that poop and barf uses 85% of the time.

6.The 2001 Clock Operator
 How hard can it be? The start button. The stop button. Leave it up to a homer MSU clock operator to cost the 2001 Michigan team a win. The clock clearly stops before Jeff 'coke head" Smoker spikes the ball. It was such a shame wow the Big Ten did this.
The Big Ten changed its timekeeping policy for the 2002 season, having previously studied changing the policy prior to the Michigan State-Michigan game.[4] Previously, the home team appointed an individual of their choosing to keep the official time in the pressbox.[17] Now, time is kept on the field by a neutral official appointed by the Big Ten.
Michigan fans will always remember this one as I know it burns down in my loins. At least Denard went back in time and made this right.

5.Nike Pro Combat Jerseys
I really like a lot of them. Hell I want Nike back. I have made it no secret that I think Adidas needs to stick to basketball and soccer. Some how Michigan State got some of the worst Pro Combats I have ever seen. Its so bad it jumped Spartan Bobs Clock Gate scandal in 2001. Yes I get it. You guys used to use "bronze". There is a reason that you "used" to. Its freaking ugly. So now what we have here is Tommy the Green Power Ranger running around on a football field. Hell we got 11 of them. I have even saw a MSU fan list in his reason why they win... 1.Better defense 2.Pro combat jerseys.. Ahh ok. You guys will wanna burn them if Michigan wins this game. I really can't wait to see the MSU players put their gloves together a 100 times after a remotely positive play. Won't get old at all.

4.Spartan Stadium 
I went to the 2009 Michigan vs Michigan State game. I wasn't expecting a lot but what I got was a fucking shit hole. It looked like a refugee camp outside the Stadium. Trash was everywhere. All over. That is what stuck out the most. The Trash.  I won't even get into the drunk asshole that followed me from my car to the stadium giving me shit for being a Michigan fan. I have no idea how MSU fans can keep a straight face when they take shots at the Big House. Once we got inside it wasn't much better. Ads all over the place. A video board from 1988 at one end of the stadium so replays are not happening. I didn't mind my seat but getting down from the upper deck was like a hard turd leaving Tony Mandarich's asshole. It took forever. Lets hope there is never a emergency because no one is getting out alive. You would have a better chance surviving the Titanic. Its no wonder they can't sell out their games vs opponents not named "Michigan".

3.Mark Dantonio
Hey I gotta hand it to Mark. He has turned this turd into a something worth watching. Someone finally came along and did it and hasn't jumped ship for a better job. Gotta give credit there.You did your job beating some of the worst Michigan teams in history. You handled the game. That is where the praise stops. You are asshole. Point blank. I can't believe anyone would want to play for you. You have the personality of Hank Hill. I think this years recruiting class proves it since MSU is no longer "owning the state" since Hoke came in swooped up most of the talent in his first six months. Its hard to take a liking to a dude who roots for OSU even though it would hurt his team in the standings. How MSU fans rationalize that is beyond me.

2.Red Cedar Message Board
The RCMB is easily the worst college sports board on the world wide web. They are obsessed over Michigan year around. If anyone says anything remotely adjective about Michigan they are eaten alive. To this board Michigan is the heart of evil. They even have neat little nick names for everything since they are so clever. Some off the top of my head: DickRod(OMG so funny!) scUM, Duhnard, Velcro, Taint Forcier, umaa. They are pretty funny..... They are also some of the most prisoner of the moment idiots I have ever seen. A whole Michigan vs ND(I don't MGB holds MSU game threads.. Oh we don't care) thread consisted of "These teams are like two terrible high schools teams!" "we will crush ND" "Michigan's defense is even worse!". They do this for a 3 hour game in which they hate both teams. That takes commitment. I read now and then for entertainment purposes. The whole board is like a car wreak. I can't look away at times. If Michigan pulls of a win in Lansing this weekend head over to RCMB for the melt down.

1.The MSU fans
You people are are unbearable. Your jealousy for Michigan has drove most the fan base insane. Since MSU has beaten Michigan for the last 3 years it has caused the fan base to act even more idiotic due to having little success before for that. You can't stand it that the media talks about Michigan. You hate the Big House(even though you guys play in a pure outdated shit hole). I have even ran into fans who count on injury to Denard as a part of the game plan. I have ran into very few rational MSU fans. Must live just for the sole purpose to hate Michigan. They hate Michigan more then they love their team which is sad. You are a PATHETIC group that loves to call any Michigan fan who didn't attend Michigan a "wal-mart wolverine". Did I go to Michigan? NO I went to WMU. I grew a Michigan fan my whole life. I had Michigan season tickets as a student at WMU(I think I only attended like three WMU games). How am I any less of a fan cause I didn't attend the school? Do you think 75,000(lol 75k) alums fill Spartan Stadium every Saturday? Of course not you fucking morons. Most the MSU fans I talk to didn't even go to the school either. Do I make fun of them for that? Of course not. You just can't stand that Michigan has a giant fan base. Keep going on being obsessive pricks. We get a kick out of it. We like having the obsessed creep looking in our window year around. Its good for a laugh. You people...make me sick!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Gotta love someone who says the number 1 thing he hates most are MSU fans because they all hate Michigan.

    Anonymous says:

    I'd just like to point out that the two top reasons given for your hate of MSU have to do with their fans obsession with Michigan, yet you are the one spending your time making this list all about MSU.

    Hostpph says:

    haha I have to say that you and I share a lot of opinions about the 10 things I hate about Michigan state Spartans and the main reason for me is Charles Rogers, I cannot stand that guy at all

    Anonymous says:

    Outstanding spelling and grammar from this Michigan Man.

    Anonymous says:

    This is the biggest list of butthurt I have ever read in my life. I'm a Gators fan and even this reeks of stupidity and whining. Pathetic.

    Anonymous says:


    Unknown says:

    How many heismans does state have thoe

    Why? says:

    I will say this...I have met a lot of great fans from many different universities (Nebraska, Ohio State, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, etc.), but I have yet to meet a respectable MSU fan. Why are they all such assholes? I can't wrap my brain around it. Ignorant, immature, and disrespectful. I am not a Michigan fan, but I will cheer for Michigan if they are playing someone out of conference. I will never cheer for MSU though due to the juvenile delinquents that seem to crawl out of the woodwork for any MSU game. The one thing I have always wondered is if they try to be such assholes or if they just are giant assholes without trying? Either way I guess it's irrelevant. Congratulations big green, you win the worst fan award for all college teams, and I'm sure you will wear that proudly...

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