Interview with Erik Magnuson

As we get closer and closer to National Signing Day, many will start to reflect on Michigan's 2012 recruiting class. Michigan has been getting commitments from the usual states, Ohio and Michigan. In addition to Michigan and Ohio the Wolverines (in large part due to Brady Hoke and staff's connections in California) have been able to snag one of California's best prospects.

Erik Magnuson, courtesy of La Costa Canyon High School Football

That recruit is 2012 offensive line commit Erik Magnuson. Magnuson stands at 6'6 and 275 lbs., and will be asked to anchor the offensive line for Michigan for many years to come. Magnuson is one of Michigan's most highly regarded commits, because he provides depth and a need at the OL position. Magnuson's best attributes at the OL position are his versatility, athleticism, and his aggressive nature. Magnuson is a consensus 4* recruit on all four of the major recruiting services, and turned down the likes of USC, Stanford, Miami, Notre Dame, Oregon and many others.
Fresh off his visit from Michigan, I caught up with Magnuson for a quick interview.

SimplyComplex: Do you think that you have improved on your game from this season compared to last?

Erik Magnuson: "Yes a lot. I learned so much this off season from camps."

SC: Have you been recruiting any (California) kids? Like Jordan Payton, Darius Powe, Joshua Garnett (from Washington) etc.

EM: "Yes I have. Jordan was in Ann Arbor the same time I was. Josh is from Washington,but I'm really good friends with him and really want him to come and play next to me."

SC: What's your favorite thing about Michigan?

EM: "The game atmosphere and the fans."

SC: How would you describe the Michigan coaches? Attitude, personality etc.

EM: "They know how to win, and what it takes to win. Very family like."

SC: What was your experience like at the Michigan-ND game?

EM: "It was unreal, words can't describe how crazy it was. The fans were nuts. I loved it. Made me happy to think I'm going to be wearing that winged helmet one day."

SC: Besides Michigan, what other schools were in your top group?

EM: "ND, Oklahoma, Miami, USC, Oregon,and Texas."

SC: What do you think of Denard Robinson?

EM: "The dude is a crazy athlete. Lots of fun to watch."

SC: What is your high school teams expectations coming into this season?

EM: "To win San Diego."
Magnuson (#77) gets into position to make a block to spring his RB for positive yardage. Photo courtesy of La Costa Canyon High School Football and Tom Mills.

Magnuson will be visiting for the OSU-UM game this November. This will be Magnuson's 4th visit to Michigan in the past 8 months. Hoke and his staff have been recruiting Magnuson since his days at San Diego State. So they have kept up and maintained a great relationship with him over the past year.

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  1. I have a close friend who told me that Erik Magnuson was his classmate when he was at school, but I did not believe him, he likes to lie about this kind of stuff

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