Introducing: Colin Goebel

One of best offensive lineman in the state of Illinois is getting a lot of national recognition from some of the top schools in the country. One of these programs is Michigan. Growing up as a Michigan fan, Goebel has some serious interest in the university and the football program. His family likes Illinois and Ohio State,( Geobel's cousin is a nose guard there) but they are big time fans of Michigan's wrestling program.

Colin Goebel(on the left) opening a running lane for his running back.
Goebel was once a linebacker, but was later converted into an offensive guard. Standing at 6'4 and 275 lbs., Goebel has enough athleticism to play guard or tackle, but he says most schools are recruiting him at guard because that's were they believe he has the most upside at. Goebel is extremely athletic and fast, so he can pull well and stay on guys when's he's run blocking. Goebel does a fantastic job at finishing his blocks, as well. One of his favorite hobbies is wrestling, were he became the varsity heavyweight this year earning the position over 6 other heavyweights including a returning varsity senior and Colin’s performance helped earn his high school team finish second in the prestigious DVC Conference.

I was able to get in contact with Goebel and he allowed me to do an interview with him.

SimplyComplex: What's your favorite thing about Michigan?

Colin Goebel: "I love their great winning tradition and experienced coaches."

SC: With your cousin(Garret Goebel; DT for OSU) enrolled at OSU, How does this affect your decision and recruiting process?

CG: "No, not really. I'm open to all possibilities. Having my cousin their helps OSU, but I will consider all my options and just go from there."

SC: Do you know when you'd like to make your college decision?

CG: "I'd like to do it before my senior season, but things could get hectic, so that timeline could change depending on the situation."

SC:  What are you looking for in a university?

CG: "Good relationship with all the coaches, great academic structure, and good food.(laughs)

SC: Do you have any idea on what you'd like to major in in college?

CG: "I'm not sure, but both my parents majored in business and they're pretty successful. So I'll probably follow in their footsteps and major in business."

SC: Is distance a factor in your decision?

CG: No, doesn't matter. I could go to the East coast, West coast, Midwest, or go down south."

SC: What schools besides Michigan have been recruiting you?

CG: "Oregon, Iowa, Vanderbilt, Ohio State, Illinois, West Virginia, and USC."

SC: Who's your favorite Michigan player ever?

CG: "Dhani Jones. Great linebacker who's also a good leader."

SC: Would you consider yourself a run blocker or pass blocker?

CG: "I'd say that I'm a little of both. I'm better at run blocking,though."

SC: What can you bring to a college football team?

CG: "I'm definitely a hard worker, and I am very coach able.  I;'m willing to accept coaching suggestions and implement those suggestions into my workouts,practices, and games immediately.'

Goebel dominating a defensive end.

 Goebel is the third offensive lineman in the state of Illinois to be in contact with Michigan, the other two being Ethan Pocic and Kyle Bosch. Goebel is really good friends with Pocic and they talk with each other about their recruiting often. They also have discussed possibly attending the same university. Goebel is in attendance at the Purdue-Notre Dame game tonight. Goebel was named to Tom Lemming’s All Underclassmen Team for the 2010 season. Goebel should be a big time recruit in the next 14 months.

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    Host PPH says:

    I also consider Colin Goebel one of the best offensive lineman in the state of Illinois and I am actually pretty big fan of him and I am at a Goebel fans club! :D

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