Mighty Morphin Spartan Rangers

Sorry MSU the cat is out of the bag. You guys are really Power Rangers. Nike made these special suits so you could fend off the evil Lord Zedd and protect Lansing Grove. I could really see Kirk Cousins as a power ranger. Mr.Eagle Scout would make a good one. I do think these suits give MSU a unfair advantage since when Michigan gets up on MSU all they will have to do pre-snap on a 3rd and 10 is... ITS MORPHIN TIME!


2 Response to "Mighty Morphin Spartan Rangers"

  1. 4rx says:

    Power rangers is such a lame thing, I dont get how kids and people like it.

    Hostpph says:

    hahahahaha that is so funny, and it reminded me of my childhood when I did not miss any episode of the power rangers! haha

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