One Shreds Opinion

So the offense shit the bed. No really they shit the bed. Instead of playing football Al got all cute. I like to mix in the Devin stuff but not make it our offense. We refused to run any running back. 10 carries for our backs just puts a ton of pressure on Denard. After a while the MSU Defense knew the running back wasn't getting the ball. It kills play action and zone read stuff.

When MSU started blitzing the hell out of us we didn't adjust at all. I swear the team hasn't practiced at all vs blitz packages. The OL,RB,WR and Denard were all clueless. WR and RB were not running hot routes. Denard was not checking anything at the line. I don't think this offense has been blitzed since Denard took over. Teams were to scared it would break Denard open. Now teams will use this to blitz him at will. So he looked pretty lost when MSU brought it. His OL didn't help and neither did anyone else. They will need to practice this all week since teams will bring it now. Al failed to solve the blitzing by throwing in a screen or anything to that nature. Maybe a RB draw if the blitz were coming from the edge. MSU didn't even try to hide  it.

The 4th and 1 play may have been dumbest play call I have seen in a while. Denard up the middle is the simple play to call. It works for a yard. Having him turn his back to a blitz is just dumb. You knew it was coming. Again trying to be cute. Just play football. Make it simple.

It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. The edge is still a sore spot for this defense. Roh, Ryan were getting smashed on the edge all day. The defense still did a nice job with Cunningham and Cousins. Kept them in check. Martin got loose of course. Floyd was terrible on his one TD as he just lunged for Martin instead of trying to tackle him. Which would have brought on 4th down and maybe a FG attempt. Besides Countess all the DBs struggled. Thank god they were not tested much. T-Wolf needs to just sit out a game and get better. You can't help the team playing in a wheel chair. It wasn't a great outing by the defense but enough for a win. Mattison was the best coach on this day. That isn't saying much.

Dirty Play
Do I like it? No. He should have been tossed. He wasn't so I can get over it. Now call me a bad sport or whatever but there needs to be a little Dog in us.. Don't want a bunch of kitty cats. Do you think Mike Hart, Woodson and Woodley let their QB get cheap shot like that without something coming back on MSU? Now I am not saying hurt anyone but you can't let people just punch your teammates in the face and get away with it. This team is really nice at times. Sometimes too nice. We need a few dogs out there. We are missing that. Call me whatever but as a team we just took it. We looked scared and soft at times.

Hoke coaches it. In fact he throws it down our throats. We know its something he preaches 24/7. So why did the team look soft again in a very physical game? People blamed that on Rich. Thought it was what the spread did to this team. I think that was always nonsense. My thoughts? I think the personality of this team from Denard on down is just a bunch of nice dudes. Good guys. Like I said earlier. The 97 and 2006 teams had some dogs in that locker room. We had some mean men who would kill you. Right now I think we lack that. We just do. We got great guys on this team but nice doesn't always when you find yourself is a nasty cock fight. The closest dog we might have is Lewan and that just isn't enough.

During our live blog Yak Attack from SE Michigan Sports was on a role. He helped soften a bad day.

YakAttack:I love how Shred tried to reel it back on topic. That's why I pledge my undying allegiance to this man
I agree shred. At some point you have to retaliate, or you end up Adebisi's bitch. At least that's what I learned on Oz
I wanna see Gholston and LaGarrette Blount in the octagon 
The Good
-Wide Outs played well when they were given the ball
-Held Cunningham in check
-Mattison made some nice adjustments as the game went on
-ahh the first drive was good?
-Denard jet sweep
-Roundtree catch
-Defense was..aahh ok.

The Bad
-We are terrible on the edge still
-Roh was meh...again
-D-line and O-line getting zero push most the day.
-10 carries for our backs.
-No Shaw?
-Al like Rich has fallen in love with Denard to the point that it hurts the offense.

The Ugly
-Anyone know what a Hot Route is?
-Denard's lack of getting the F out of the pocket when he was blitzed.
-coaching... Al just got to damn cute. Forgot about the backs.
-Going all nuts with the Devin play package.
-Letting MSU punk us during and after play. Need some dogs on this team.
-execution on all fronts sucked.
-4th and 1 play will go down in history.
-All our QBs lock on. Zero Progression.
-Punting on the MSU side of the field.

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