Dave Brandon announces new field design

Dave Brandon has gotten the approved funding to redesign Michigan Stadiums Football Field. Some may not like the sponsors on the field but Dave Brandon believes it will bring Michigan up to date with the rest of college football and will keep the ticket prices at a low price of $95.

Everyone else has sponsors, why shouldn't we? It brings in revenue so we can keep ticket prices lower.
The field will also sport NOT the schools twitter tag but the Dave Brandon's Twitter account.
We felt the more followers I can get the better the Michigan Brand can be.
Dave also commented on the parts of the field that have been sold off to sponsors.
I proud to say that Arby's came the strongest with sponsorship and will be put at the 50. We some how hope to incorporate the Arby cowboy hat with the Block M. The endzones will be Dunkin' Donuts and the other will be Summers Eve Hail  to the V. We felt that we need a ladies presence as one of our core sponsors. The 25 yards lines will also be special as they will be sponsored by Sex Panther Cologne and Cyberdyne Systems Corporation . Then our other sponsorship around the field will be Pizza Plant, S-Smart, I got worms, Spatula City and Holly Star Bowling Lanes. This is a exciting time for the Michigan Brand and we hope to maybe add some more sponsors in the future. Maybe a special sponsor patch on the uniforms. 

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  1. hmm that is so interesting and to tell you the truth I had no idea or I had not heard of that at all, but I am glad that I found it on your blog, best regards ;)

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