Alternate Universe Michigan Football Report

I happen to steal  Donatello's Alternate Universe portal Trans-Dimensional Portal technology hopper thing. Ours on the Technodrome needs a firmware update that Krang hasn't gotten to yet . It allows you to jump to close "timelines" or "parallel universe". I jumped a few lines over(not to far) to see how Michigan was doing and to find out I tracked down myself to get the Answers. We will just call him ShredderX.

Shredder: So did Michigan lose to Nebraska and did Denard hurt his elbow? Or was it something else he hurt?

ShredderX: No, Michigan didn't even play Nebraska.

Shredder: Huh?

ShredderX: Nebraska isn't in the Big 14. Michigan played Indiana and it was a tight game vs the winner of the last four big 14 championships but Michigan got past the Hoosiers 28 to 23.

Shredder: Wait Indiana has won the last four Big 10 or errr Big 14 Championships?

ShredderX: Yeah they have had a program of football excellence for years.... So Michigan is 5-0 after beating on the Minnesota Golden Retrievers.

Shredder: What the Golden Retrievers? I only went a few lines over and your world is nothing like mine. Does Denard even play for Michigan?

ShredderX: Oh yeah he plays for Michigan and did hurt a nerve in his leg vs Indiana so he has throw a lot the last few games and has shown to be pretty good at it. Our offensives coordinator Mike Leach has held off on his Air raid offense due to Denard not being much of a pure passer but had to unleash it since he has lost some speed with the nerve injury. He's been great. He threw five TDs vs the Retrievers and four vs Indiana. Michigan is looking like a lock for the Big 14 championship game. The other division is a bit tighter but I am guessing Central Michigan comes out of the Papa Jims Pizza Division.

Shredder: ..................

Shredder: ok ok so Mike Leach was hired? Where is Al Borges?

ShredderX: I think he is OC for North Texas. He has them doing very well. He is known for calling bubble screens all the time.

Shredder: Unbelievable...

Shredder: So... Is Northwestern any good?

ShredderX: Yeah they won the Big 14 before Indiana took over. They had the Heisman last year with Dan Persa. They took a step back after Persa left. Michigan should be able to handle them. Michigan had one of the best running attacks in the nation with Deanrd, Fitz and Austin White. With Denard hurt Michigan will just pound them on the ground with Fitz and White unless NW finds a way to shut it down like Indiana and Minnesota did.

Shredder: You couldn't write this stuff.

ShredderX: Huh?

Shredder: Nothing, throw me some info on things that have nothing to do with football.

ShredderX: Hmmm Everyone uses Windows Phones.

Shredder: What about Apple?

ShredderX: Apple? They are about to shut down. They are finished. They tried to enter and Toaster business and failed.

ShredderX: Also Burger King owns almost everything. They own ESPPN and Disney.

Shredder: Well that officially makes me want to get back to my own timeline. Thanks for the time "other" Shredder.

ShredderX: No problem. Good Journey.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So as you can see with just a few jumps of the timelines Michigan is in the drivers seat for the Big 10..ahhhh Big 14 title game. Anytime this timeline's Michigan team frustrates you... Remember there is this one that just beat on power house Indiana in another timeline and is thriving under OC Mike Leach. Or you can think about how good you have it and remember that there is a 0-9 Michigan team on some other timeline.... :MINDBLOWN:

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  1. hahahaha his brain exploited??? lol that is so hilarious and I guess that is from a movie, is it not?? and if it is, could tell me what movie is? I so want to watch it, it seems hilarious!

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