Midnight Maize Donation Drive for St.Johns Home

Its that time of year again for giving to others who have less.

As some know I work for a Boys Home called St.Johns in Grand Rapids. Its a teen home for abused and neglected and Christmas is coming so it is at this time we seek any gifts or donations. Our home has been helping abused and neglected youth in Grand Rapids for over 100+ years!

In the past some great Michigan fans and Grads have donated to our home through this blog. In the past people have donated Michigan T-shirts, Basketball Tickets, Football tickets and even money for Hot Dogs at the games. Each time we go to a Michigan event the kids have a blast. Some even mention when they leave that it was their favorite day at St.Johns. Right now we have some big Michigan fans in the house(no State! yay!).

So this Christmas we are looking for any donation to a Basketball game. Does not matter what the game. Hoping for at least 3 tickets together. Then we could take one staff and two boys. We have 9 boys total but I know getting that many together is a stretch. So we will take any number of tickets that are offered. If I get more then one offer then I will try and see if any other homes would like them(we have 5 other houses on campus)

I am also looking for a old NES or SNES for the boys. I think they would really have a good time with some classic games. Our xbox broke and haven't had the money to replace it so I have been wanting to find something that could fill some time during the winter that won't cost $100+. If anyone has a old NES or SNES with some games laying around they don't want then the boys would really love it. I could swing some funds for the shipping.

If you would like to donate anything at all then please contact me through my email at the right of the page. If you have any questions please contact me as well. I want to thank the people who have been so kind to donate in the past and thanks for taking time to read this post. Happy Holidays!

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  1. Host PPH says:

    oh that is so nice, I remember when I helped by donating some money for homeless people, I felt good with myself after doing that, people should donate more I think

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