Denard signed my Sonic

Denard signed autographs at the Woodland Mall in Grand Rapids last Saturday. The turn out was well... large. I was 506 in line and they sold over 700 tickets! Denard was suppose to be done at 3pm but I didn't get to him until 5 pm. He was smiling and talking with fans. You wouldn't have know that he had been signing for the last 5 hours. He was really great to all the fans. It was at Legends Card Shop. This was much better then fan day since you had a number and could roam and be a Mall Rat for the day. It did cost money but I like getting my crappy MS Paints signed. Sunday Will Gholston was signing for a fraction of the price. Not sure how the turn out was but I would think it was just friends and family.

When I met Denard he got a good laugh out of it and said it was nice to see something different. If I were my wife I would say "what does that mean?!?!?" but I am me and I took it as glad your not a eBay whore and no one would ever buy this.

I now can put my Denard art on my wall next to this worthless autograph.

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