Guest Post: Michigan Student Section is not for the weak anymore

How Michigan’s New General Admission Seating For Students Will Increase The Atmosphere At The Big House

Last week, Michigan made the announcement that, starting this football season, the school will be moving to general admission student seating inside Michigan Stadium. This move might be bad for those students who enjoy sleeping in for early games, but it should make the stadium crazier than ever.

In 2012, there was a growing trend of unused student tickets creating empty pockets in the section. For the largest stadium in the country, that was simply not a good look. There was an average of over 5000 unused student tickets throughout the 2012 season, including 3500 for the marquee home game of the year (Michigan State).

The move might be new for Michigan, but it is certainly not new to other major programs. Michigan State, Penn State, Wisconsin and Nebraska in the Big Ten already use this format with student seating, and it has mostly been a positive experience for them. It allows groups of students to simply show up together and sit together. The previous setup meant groups of people would have to decide at the start of the season.

With this move, obviously that means for some of the more marquee matchups, there will be camping out to get the best seats available. The logistics of that are still being worked out, but the University and the city of Ann Arbor do not foresee it as being a huge issue. Despite the sale numbers being great, Michigan is hoping the move will make the Big House appear even bigger to opposing fans. Packing the stadium and having the students as close to the action as possible will make for a slightly more intimidating look as they battle for Big Ten titles.

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