Even more biased coverage of UM

Today, AnnArbor.com printed a seemingly innocuous letter to the editor which states that UM is at a crossroads where they must decide whether to "lower their standards." There is no direct reference to Demar Dorsey, but the inference is that UM is lowering their standards to compete with the "big boys" in college football. There is no direct reference to Dorsey in the "story," but when combined with their questionable headline concerning McCabe's article, it definitely reeks of an anti-UM bias.

For those who didn't see the McCabe link, A2.com linked to his column in their "grab-bag" of links on Thursday or Friday, with "concern over Dorsey grows" in the headline. One terrible column from a hack who has been there for twenty years and hasn't been given a promotion to real sportswriting in that time does not constitute "growing concern."

To me, this means that the media continues to find creative ways to beat on the dead horse non-story of the recruitment of Demar Dorsey. I find it reprehensible that even the hometown media outlet is still finding ways to trash the University of Michigan over his recruitment. It's like Dorsey has suddenly become Tim Tebow in reverse; he is now a scapegoat and he hasn't even enrolled yet. I hope Dorsey comes in and finds out that 99 percent of the community is happy to see him at UM and that the media only represents outsiders who have an anti-UM agenda.

There is good news there, though. Apparently, they have hired Andy Reid from the Michigan Daily, and he is going by his full name, Andrew Reid. I have been a fan of his coverage of UM for the Daily, and have long contended that he is the best sportswriter in the market right now. His first piece is a fluff piece about local winter sports, but I hope they allow him to do what he does best soon.

Maybe we will soon have a Michigan Man covering the University of Michigan.

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