Review: Nebraska-Omaha

Game 1: UNO 4 Michigan 3
Scoring Summary: Brown (Langlais, Kampfer, 1st, M 1-0) PP, Martin (Ambroz, 1st, 1-1), Martin (Fanto, Ambroz, 1st, UNO 2-1), Broadhurst (Martin, Purslow, 1st, UNO 3-1) PP, Caporusso (Glendening, Llewellyn, 2nd, UNO 3-2), Broadhurst (Olimb, Ambroz, 2nd, UNO 4-2) PP, Kampfer (Hagelin, Rust, 3rd, UNO 4-3)
Shots: Michigan 32, UNO 31

Game 2: UNO 4 Michigan 1
Scoring Summary: Kemp (Fanto, Broadhurst, 1st, UNO 1-0) PP, Willert (Richardson, Broadhurst, 2nd, UNO 2-0), Swanson (Richardson, Koehler, 3rd, UNO 3-0), Swanson (Richardson, Olimb, 3rd, UNO 4-0), Caporusso (Glendening, Hagelin, 3rd, UNO 4-1)
Shots: Michigan 37, UNO 28

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Game 1 featured Michigan blowing a 5 minute power play at the end of the game to tie it up by taking a couple of penalties that wiped parts of it out.
Game 2 had Michigan just not doing well at all. Too many turnovers, too many penalties, and just a bad game all around.

Well, Michigan's tournament chances are just about shot, unless they pull off an incredible run in the CCHA tournament and reach the finals. They now sit 7th in the CCHA standings, 2 points behind Alaska and Northern Michigan for the 5th spot. Michigan plays two games against Northern Michigan this weekend at Yost. Tune in on Thursday for a preview of Northern Michigan and an updated Parwise rankings.

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