Life at Yost

Anyone some of you may know, I sit in Section 17 during games at Yost this year. I am trying to provide insight into how we operate as a section in my reviews of the games, providing some of the more interesting chants, not just the ones that we use on a regular basis. Today, I'm going to give a complete overview of how the section works.

I usually arrive about 7:10 to listen to the band warm up and maybe catch the end of the pregame skate. Most of the students don't begin to arrive until about 7:20 to 7:25. A few students will bring in giant stacks of newspapers for the student section to read. Students are supposed to hide their faces while the opposing team's starting lineup is announced, because old news is much more interesting than the starting lineup of the opposing team. Once the lineup for the opposing team is finished, students crumple of their newspaper into a ball and throw it into the air, preferably at the nearest opposing fan in the section (if there is one). Michigan's lineup is introduced (occasionally accompanied by the giant Swedish flag), and the anthem is played (with some students doing the fist pump on the "hailed" of the anthem). The band plays "Let's Go Blue" and the game is underway.

1st Period:
Right after the band finishes their part of "Let's Go Blue" the cowbells are brought out for their segment. This is followed by someone in the section shouting the opposing goalie's name really loud, followed by the section chanting "Sieve!" For example, in the Bowling Green game, it went "Eno," "Sieve." This is done three times, and then done very fast three or four times, and then done once very drawn out, the objective being to shout as long as possible. Later on in the period, someone will start the other version of the sieve chant, which goes "Hey (goalie's name here), you're not a goalie, you're a sieve! You're not a sieve, you're a funnel! You're not a funnel, you're a vacuum! You're not a vacuum, you're a black hole! You're not a black hole, you just suck, you just suck, you just suck, you suck!" Chant "Ugly Goalie" if the opposing team's goalie takes his mask off and cheer when he puts it back on. As the teams exit after the first period, the band play "The Victors" and everyone sits down.

1st Intermission:
Attempt to get the little kids on the Zambonis to throw their shoes onto the ice

2nd Period:
Band plays "The Victors" as the teams come onto the ice and the same version of "Let's Go Blue" as the beginning of the game. Not much occurs here, as the opposing goaltender is on the opposite side of the ice. Chant "Handsome Goalie" if Hogan takes his mask off and make an upset noise when he puts it back on. If the band plays the William Tell Overture, everyone holds out a hand like they are riding a horse and rides to the music. Ending is the same as the 1st period.

2nd Intermission:
Dance (if you want to) to whatever music the band is playing before the band plays "I Can't Turn You Loose," known colloquially as the Blues Brothers Theme. Everyone at that point dances to the song.

3rd Period: Intro is the same as the 2nd period, while the chants are similar to the 1st period. The band will play "Temptation" at some point, and the section points at Hogan saying "Goalie" and the opposing goalie saying "Sieve" in tune to the song. Later on, the band will play the "Rocky and Bullwinkle Theme" in which everyone takes their hands and places them on their heads like antlers and dances to the music. Followed by a "Moose, Sieve!" chant. Chant either "On your feet" or "Stand up old people" if the team is winning toward the end of the game. Cowbell will count down the dying seconds of the game. Sing "The Victors" at the end.

Gather in a circle and sing The Victors and the Alma Mater.

Other chants throughout the game (not listed above):
C-Ya: Probably the most famous of Yost Chants, it consists of a string of obscenities as an opposing player is sent to the penalty box. Begins after the player steps in the box.
Goal Count: After Michigan scores, students hold up the number of fingers that relates to the number of times Michigan has scored. After the PA announcer finishes the summary, someone in the band shouts "Goal Count!" At which points the students respond "Ready, 1" or 1- however many goals Michigan has scored and then continues with "We want moooore goals, Sieve (x7), it's all your fault (x4)" and then the cowbells play Go Blue.
Go Blue on Cowbells: Cowbells play a tune in which everyone claps along and responds "Go Blue!"
Let's Go Blue (without band): Everyone chants this as the cowbells are hit on the off beat (when no one is speaking). Need to see it live to really understand what it is.
Penalty Over: As a power play winds down for an opponent, someone will start a slow clap with the cowbell at the 20 second mark, and speed it up until the powerplay is over, leading into the Go Blue on Cowbells.
Phone Chant: Someone will shout out, "Hey (Goalie or player name here), you're mom called and she said..." followed by the students chanting "You Suck!" Can get very drawn out. Look for listings of the phone chant in my reviews of games at Yost. Ended with "Hey (name here), you just suck (x5)."
Ref You Suck (main version) and Ref You Suck (alternate version): Ref you suck (main version) consists of the cowbells being played in an alternate fashion followed by students saying "Ref You Suck." The alternate version consists of the same tune as Let's Go Blue (without the band) but instead of saying "Let's Go Blue" the students will say "Ref You Suck."
Ugly Parents: Students will chant "Ugly Parents" after the opposing team has scored, pointing toward the only section that stands after the opposing team has scored, which is where the opposing team's parents/fans sit.
Whoop Chant: When the puck is in the opposing team's zone on a power play for them, the entire student section will make a whooping sound until the puck is cleared out of the zone.

There are other chants that can be used, and I will list them in reviews of games as they come up, but these are the main ones that will not be listed in reviews of games. Do not hesitate to correct me if I have forgotten something.

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