The Freep and Ethics

Well, the news became "official" on WTKA this morning. As broken by TOB on the MM chat last night, the freep lied to Demer Dorsey about the intent of their story by telling him they were going to write a "redemption" story, but lied and chose instead to use his interview as part of yet another installment of their fusilade of Phillipics against the University of Michigan.

As they should be, the Dorsey family and Dorsey's HS coach are extremely upset by this utter lack of ethics on the part of the freep. According to TOB and TKA, The Wolverine tried to contact Dorsey to give him a chance to air his side of the story, and his HS coach said that his family is so upset with the Freep won't allow him to talk to any more reporters.

I truly hope that the Dorsey family reads the UM sports blogs and decides to give somebody, anybody, an interview. If they peruse the main blogs, they will definitely see that most of the UM blogoshpere is almost as angry with the freep as they are. Hopefully, they will sort through the blogs and decide to contact whichever one they decide will treat them fairly. We all know three or four blogs who could do a wonderful interview with Dorsey.

In a move that is woefully deficient in even Journalism 101 ethics or professionalism, the freep has chosen to lie to a HS student and use their media as a bully pulpit for their anti-RR, anti-UM agenda. Apparently, the freep cares nothing about the effects of their lies and malicious intent upon an 18 year-old trying to better himself or the family that is trying to support his goals.

The freep is a pile of toxic waste. It should be isolated, neutralized, quarantined, and buried so deep that Jimmy Hoffa will turn up before it is ever seen again. They lie, they cheat, they maliciously attack those to whom they are supposed to show objectivity, and they do it all for personal reasons. Inexplicably, their overwhelmed and intellectually overmatched editor continues to allow the freep to make a mockery of the journalstic standards they are sworn to uphold.

I can only hope that the freep either mercy-kills itself or visits Dr Kevorkian. It obviously won't be around in another year or two, anyway, but someone needs to step in and minimize the damage they are doing to the innocent citizens they abuse in the name of "reporting."

If there is anyone here who doesn't boycott the freep, please start. And please tell all of your friends who are UM fans to do the same. Even if you want to make your opinion heard, don't do it there. First of all, they don't care what you think. Secondly, each time you click on anything they write it makes them money, either directly or indirectly.

The final and most important reason for boycotting the freep: you will be smarter for not having read it.

3 Response to "The Freep and Ethics"

  1. This blog has a billion times the ethics the freep does. Just read us instead of them from now on everybody :)

    Dark Blue says:

    Yep agree with you Lupe, I think the Michigan fan base has done a good job in boycotting that paper. Now its time to finish them off.

    Anonymous says:

    I stop paying them after the first jab to RR but now I plan on tracking down Sharp and kicking his face in.

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