Join the Foot!

I just want to introduce two new members of Midnight Maize. I know both have posted some great stuff already but they deserve a welcome post.

Lupe will be taking over our recruiting on midnight maize. He already has gone above and beyond the call of duty by making us a Twitter and a Book of Faces and running them both. He also scored a great interview with 2011 prospect Andre Yruretagoyena(read below). Lupe has been on the Mgoblog boards for a long while and knows his recruiting. I am looking forward to the great interviews and I hope breaking news he bring to our site.

SCS100 will be our Hockey guy. He will be doing previews and reviews. My hockey is very limited and it's great to have a hockey puck on the site who can give people their hockey fix. SCS100 should have some pretty good stuff since he sits right down in the student section during every game.

Please welcome these guys with open arms and please comment on their posts. They work very hard on them.

Site News
-I will be back with a Live blog Tonight 12am.
-New Banner up. Still working out some bugs
-I will have a post soon about the time I met Mr.Carr(This week is crazy for me).
-The Other Brian from Genuinely Sarcastic dropped in and gave some news on us about the Freep. He gave us the green light to post it here. I will try and get it up tomorrow but it does not look to good. I sleep from 9am to 4pm and than I need to hurry to my game I am officiating and then back to work again...ugh. Maybe one of the others will get it up but if not I will have it up tomorrow night.
-Jen is no longer drunk but maybe wasted by Friday. She is also heading to bed for 78th time.

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