Mr.Roh calls out the Freep

Mr.Roh, Dad of Michigan stud LB Craig Roh spoke out about the Freep targeting Dorey and his family.

As the parent of a UM football player, this makes me livid. It is unimaginable that a "home town" newspaper would take a shot at a recruit like the Free Press did. The last trumped up scandal with the excess practice time was bad enough. It's one thing to take shots at the coach, its another thing to take a shot at an 18 year old high school senior. This is borderline child abuse and clear-cut racism. Do you think they would have done the article on a white kid from Scottsdale, Az?

To give you all another perspective....Craig grew up in a predominately white, high socio economic high school. He's had plenty of opportunities to see the other side of life, in club basketball and other venues.We sent him to a public high school rather than private to give him more real life experience. He could have gone to Stanford or any of the Ivy League schools and been surrounded by smart, "predominately white" football players. That was not his goal or ours as his parents. It was/is our goal that Craig experience a variety of people, cultures, etc. and be able to reach out and help others not as fortunate as him. We believed UM could be the place where he could get great football and experience a wider variety of life.

Dorsey sounds like a kid who has made mistakes, but is ready to move on. I, for one, look forward to my son having the opportunity to be part of his future success in any way that he can help!

Link to scout board

Well played Mr.Roh(slow clap).

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