Trey likes a winner

After watching this basketball season you just hope that the new class coming in can make something happen. The class is ranked 24th right now by ESPN and would take a major boost if Trey Ziegler committed. Trey seems to be keeping things close to the vest and not much is known other than that UM is in a nice spot for him but with Duke coming on strong and even his Dad's team CMU he will be a tough land. Maybe I am putting to much into this but this video makes me feel like our chances are lessening.

He talked about CMU being a winner and being at the top of the MAC. This is either a good interview response or winning is a big factor in where he will end up. With Michigan looking pretty much awful this year and next year could be that "rebuilding year"... Will Trey really want to come here? He would be a huge scoring boost and a kid that could help right away. I don't know if Manny has anything to do with his verbal to Michigan but if winning is his top priority then our chances may be slipping lower and lower.

We need him bad for he future and even next year but if he goes else where I hope John has a back up plan.

Useless info: I saw Trey while reffing a girls Mt.Pleasant game. He has nice size at 6'5". That is all.

Midnight Maize Foot Clan note: I now set up a feed to the twitter and the Book of Faces so now when you post it will go to both in auto style.. boooooyea!

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