Review: Bowling Green

Score: Michigan 4 Bowling Green 0
Scoring Summary: Caporusso (Wohlberg, Brown, 2nd), Caporusso (Langlais, 3rd), Lebler (Brown, 3rd), Burlon (Rust, Lynch, 3rd)*
Shots: Michigan 40 Bowling Green 21
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Overall, a very well played game by Michigan. They dominated for the most part and Hogan was sharp when he had to be. Nice to see Louie start scoring again, the team will need his scoring touch if they hope to really succeed in the CCHA tournament. After a slow start, Michigan got one goal in a really good second period and then dominated the third, scoring three times, twice in the last 5 minutes of the game. In a strange quirk, according to the Michigan Daily, Eno somehow broke his pads and Bowling Green was forced to place their backup, Hammond, into the game. Hammond was responsible for all 4 goals by Michigan.

Crowd Aspects:
The crowd was pretty much nonexistent owing to several factors: the snow wreaking havoc on people trying to get to and from the game, the beginning of midterms for students, and the odd timing of a Tuesday night game. Those who did show up did a fine job and made it a much less boring affair than it could have been. The Giant Swedish Flag made it to the game, along with someone who walked in wearing snow shoes. Also appearing was a Yellow M&M, who participated in Score-O and missed both shots.

Crowd Chants for the game (This will be a staple so long as I can remember what we said during the game. Note that the usual "Sieve (both versions), Goal Count, C-Ya," etc. chants will not be mentioned):
Phone Chant: Mom, Dad, Garfield, The Great Pumpkin, Traffic Card (not quite sure what it was), an Oompa Loompa, and the Cast of Jersey Shore all decided to phone in.
The alternate version of "Ref You Suck"
Ugly Goalie
Ugly Jerseys

* The scoring format from here on out will be Goal (Assist, Assist, Period Number in which the goal was scored).

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