Review: Northern Michigan

Game 1: Northern Michigan 3 Michigan 1
Scoring Summary: Hanson (Olver, Brown, 1st, 1-0 NMU) PP, Fox (Brown, Butcher, 1st, 2-0 NMU), Hagelin (Rust, Glendening, 1st, NMU 2-0), Brown (Unassisted, 3rd, 3-0 NMU) EN

Game 2: Michigan 5 Northern Michigan 4
Scoring Summary: Hanson (Unassisted, 1st, 1-0 NMU), Glendening (Caporusso, Moffie, 2nd, 1-1), Lynch (Unassisted, 2nd, 2-1 M), Florek (Olver, Cherniwchen, 2nd 2-2), Winnet (Rust, Hagelin, 2nd, 3-2 M) PP, Gustafsson (Cherniwchen, 3rd, 3-3), Brown (Fernandez, Spady, 3rd, 4-3 NMU), Langlais (Lebler, Caporusso, 3rd, 4-4) PP, Pateryn (Caporusso, 3rd, 5-4 M)

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Game 1 was just a frustrating exhibition of bad hockey combined with a couple of other things. Hogan gave up two soft goals to open the game while Hagelin got one when Stewart practically knocked the puck into his own net after misplaying the shot. Second Period consisted of practically nothing, while the third consisted of a bunch of frustration. Michigan was unable to capitalize on a number of chances, including a 33 second 5-3. After the first penalty expired, both refs inexplicably missed a blatant interference call, and then called Kevin Lynch for boarding on a somewhat suspect call. NMU put away the game with an empty netter as Hogan left just as Michigan gave the puck back to NMU. Overall a disaster, especially considering Michigan had 8 power play opportunities and failed to capitalize on every single one.

Game 2 was much better than game 1 to say the least. Michigan winning definitely helped that, but it was also a much better game overall in terms of play. While making the same irritating mistakes from game 1, Michigan at least this time continued to play hard and actually score in response to Northern's goals. Michigan gave up the first goal, scored the next two, gave up the next goal, scored again, then gave up two, and then scored two. Basically a back and forth game that depended on which team either played worse or who had the breaks go their way. A much better game played by Michigan than game 1 in terms of offense.

The crowd in Game 1 was somewhat lackluster. The cowbells didn't show up until after the game had started, so the horns at the top of section 17 filled in for the cowbell's job in the pregame.
For the phone chant, Mom, Dad, Rich Rod, MGoBrian (that Brian), and the Cookie Monster all phoned in. During the third period, someone started an "Oliver" chant, to which the crowd responded "Twist." While this was amusing, the person leading the chant continued it for way too long, annoying a good chunk of the section. There was also a "Dirty Yoopers" chant, which also offended some in the section. Overall, not a great crowd, but at least there were people, unlike Bowling Green last week.

The crowd in Game 2 was infinitely better than the first game. The usual leader of the "Goalie Sieve" chant was back, so the chant went off much better than the last game. The "Oliver Twist" chant never got going, much to the joy of most of the section.
For the phone chant, Mom, Dad, Gordon Bombay (Mighty Ducks Films), the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Jolly Green Giant, the Girl Scouts of America, Tom Izzo, and the John Deere Tractor company all phoned in to say that Stewart sucked. A very well done selection overall. The one exception to the norm in the section was that the Swedish flag was not in attendance. Look for it to most likely be back during Notre Dame.

In terms of the NCAA tournament, Michigan must now win the CCHA tournament to make it in after splitting this series. Don't look for an at large bid even with a run in the CCHA tournament.

Look for a Notre Dame preview on Wednesday.

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