Tiger, the Ninth Step, and Dana Jacobson

Of all the sports personalities who were weighing in on the Tiger Woods statement, only UM grad Dana Jacobson was smart enough to point out that it was probably part of his rehab process. A visit to 12step.org reveals the following:

Step 9- Made direct amends to people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

Tiger did just that today. His apologies and mea culpas, along with the stern statement that the private details would remain between him and his family, left no room for the media to rationally complain. They will anyway, but his statement and its delivery was very impressive.

The Golf Writers' Association of America "boycotted" the statement, because they would not be allowed to ask questions, but they aren't really "boycotting" anything because Tiger will always be their lead story whenever possible. Before the statement, the media, especially the GWAA, reminded me of a bunch of teenagers pissed at their parents for not getting them Hannah Montana tickets. Afterwards, though, many of the press seems to have lightened up on their original statements of bile.

There will always be an element in the press who will tear into Tiger like a pack of jackals; that's just the way a lot of "journalism" is nowadays. It's sorta like what the Michigan MSM to do RR, but on a global level. For every piece of garbage like Rosenpuke, there are probably a hundred Stephen A Smiths out there attacking Tiger; think of RR being attacked by a hundred freeps. Smith, like Rosenpuke, though, realizes that he is mediocre at best, shouldn't really have a job in the industry, and is doing anything he can to create controversy and therefore traffic, thus making his employment profitable for his employers.

I would love to see those who use their positions in the MSM as a bully pulpit to criticize Tiger have the 'nads to get up in front of a national TV audience and confess to their most embarassing personal moments. It wouldn't make for good TV, though, because most MSM people seem to lead insipid lives which wouldn't be of interest to anyone outside their circles of friends and acquaintences.

Anyway, congratulations to Tiger for a courageous statement and good luck to him in his continuing therapy. I hope the media give him and his family the privacy for which he asked.

We now return to UM coverage.

2 Response to "Tiger, the Ninth Step, and Dana Jacobson"

  1. John S. says:

    I still have no idea why this was such a big story. At least 60% of pro athletes are getting some on the side. It should have been left alone,

    Anonymous says:

    He did some sick shit on his wife. He's a golden and boy and gonna hear more about it.

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