Must of got lost…



Fellow Michigan and more specifically Midnight Maize lovers, I must apologize for my absence, sometimes you take a wrong turn and end up where you least expect it. Anyways I’m back and look forward to continuing to blow your mind with the random nonsense I spew.


So when I last posted something our beloved hoops team was getting ready to beat Minnesota for the first time. Now our beloved hoops team has just SMACKED the crap out of Minnesota again. It was perhaps the most complete game our Wolverines had played all year.

As we all know the NCAA has hit our football team with 5 violations, IMO who really cares, the RichRod haters are going to hate until he does something positive, those of us that can see past the negative bs that has been written or said about him, know that our program is on the right track, no matter what some pencilneck with the NCAA has to say.

Finally before I put my keyboard down I want let all of the haters out there know, that when this ship rights itself, we are COMING FOR YOU!!

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