On to Day 2 of the Dance

Well Cinderella struck twice yesterday, bitch slapping their evil step mothers into another bitter offseason. How many of you forecast the Ohio Bobcats upset of Georgetown? That game really hurt my bracket, go figure a team from Ohio screws things up for me again.

We were treated to a fantastic day of action. Three games went into overtime which is more than the tournament had all of last year. Montana pushed New Mexico right to the edge, as did Robert Morris with Villanova. Wake Forrest won on a buzzer beater in overtime and BYU v. Florida was one of the most exciting college basketball games I’ve seen since Michigan’s early exit in the Big Ten Tourney (sigh).

So what does day two hold for us. Hopefully more of the same. I’ve always thought that the first weekend of March Madness was easily the best weekend in sports period. I look for my Temple Owls to get things done today, beating everyone’s sleeper Cornell by double digits. I also look for NMSU to give Sparty a run for its money. And maybe just maybe, could one of the two remaining 16 seeds, show what Cinderella is hiding in her purse. Beat a 1 seed and we will talk about you forever.

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