Alright this isn't a monster truck rally but JC one of our great late night readers will be going to the spring practice on Saturday. Sunday night JC will be on Midnight Maize's Live Blog to share his day with UM and who stood out at practice. The special live blog starts at 12am est. Come join and see how well JC "lurked" at spring practice.

in other news....

-Coming up on the 100th Midnight Live blog. Punch and Pie will be provided for the celebration.

-We have a new writer if you didnt notice. I would like to welcome "Seth9". Seth will be doing Michigan stories outside the Big House. Sorta like "outside the lines" type of deal. He already "kilt" it with his first post here. So welcome Seth to our foot clan.

-I have gotten a few e-mails asking about ms paints and if I am still doing them. I have two in the works but slowed down due to the off season. Just keep an eye out.

-I will also be at the spring game(I've been asked a few times). I can't wait. I hope for a nice day like last year. That can really make or break for a lot of people.

2 Response to "SUNDAY SUNDAY!!"

  1. Seth9 says:


    Also, if you're reading this JC, Pens Suck.

    Dark Blue says:

    Also if any Ohio St. fans made it over here, you suck, and so does your state.

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