Well ____ me

Remember yesterday, when I was crying about the the possibility of having only one of my sure fire, never can go wrong, predictions come true? Well the final prediction failed tonight, when Butler upset Syracuse. My only hope of redemption is now to hope that Northern Iowa, plays Cornell in the championship game. Will it happen? Of course it won’t, now that I have wrote those words on paper, both teams are sure to lose.

This leads me to another idea, you see, I’ve have always made predictions about UofM athletics. Everything started out well for me, as we sat on the top of the NCAA sporting universe, and let’s be honest its pretty easy to predict that M beat EMU. Things started going horribly awry in 2007. In the opening game of the Year, which happened to be Appalachian St., I predicted a huge blow out and was so confident in said prediction, I didn’t watch the first 3 quarters of the game. Of course we all know how this game ended. This started a long line of failed predictions from me. Now I know what you are thinking, could these last two years of terrible M athletics be Dark Blue’s fault? I don’t want to put myself up there next to God(I’m not a Notre Dame fan for God’s sake), but yeah maybe all of this is my fault.

So how do we rectify these transgressions? Well I am going to make a prediction right now, about our football team in 2010. Now bear with me for a second because I believe this idea is fool-proof. I predict right now that Michigan goes 0-12 in 2010.( you see what I did there, now Michigan is sure to go 12-0 because teams typically do the opposite of what I predict. And because I wrote this in parenthesis, God won’t know that this is a trick, because God never reads things in parenthesis.) So yeah 0-12, you heard it here first.  

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