MM 100th Episode Awards are a sham.

So I was talking with Drew Sharp this morning and in between his senseless ranting about Rich Rodriguez, an interesting topic came up. The dolphin puncher sez to me “DB do you realize that you’re up for best writer at MM?” I was shocked, I immediately shut off the (cough)video(cough) I was watching and stopped to scratch my head for an hour or so.

When I came out of my reverie I thought how can this be? Me up for best writer. This isn’t possible. I have never been up for best anything. Then I stopped to look at the awards. I was nominated for a few categories, including Best Writer, Worst Writer, Best MM’er, Worst MM’er, Biggest Douche, and last but not least The Clueless Award. The last one seems legit. Most of the time I feel like Alicia Silverstone in that god awful movie.

Where am I going with this? I AM NOT THE BEST ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can live with being the Worst whatever. But when you nominate me for the best of anything, it gives me a pesky little thing called hope. We all know what hope will get you. It will get you tied up to a bed in an Asian prostitutes bedroom who happens to think that a males organ is a collectors item. I can live without hope, I’ve done so for 76 years.

So in conclusion I’d like to thank Shredder for giving me this false sense of hope. I hope you can find said Asian Prostitutes room when I go missing these next few days.

Oh And Congrats to MM for making it to 100. You are THE MAN!


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