My Spring Game Observations

It was freaking cold……




Ah you thought that was it? No I’ve got some thoughts for you. I fully intended on meeting up with Shredder, however once I arrived in A2 I dug in my pocket only to realize I had left my phone in Grand Rapids. Brilliant simply Brilliant. So I sat through the Spring Game with my Dad(Father Son bonding anyone?), and had an absolute blast. I’ll definitely be back next year.

  1. In my opinion Denard Robinson was head and shoulders above the other two QB’s. He seemed to have great pocket presence, was able to throw (extremely) accurate, and made things happen with his legs. I’m taking nothing away from Forcier, but I think if the season started tomorrow D_Rob would be the starter.  
  2. I thought Will Campbell and Obi Ezeh looked really good. Big Will its such a dominating force in the middle, teams are going to have a hard time running though him. Obi seemed to be able to make plays when he needed to.
  3. The secondary looked “meh” . This isn’t a good sign for the Wolverines. The Robinson to Roundtree 97 yard touchdown pass burned the D to a crisp. Roundtree didn’t get caught this time which I guess is a plus.
  4. Roundtree was easily the best receiver anytime he was on the field. Gallon and Odoms played well but Roundtree will probably be the go to guy.
  5. Only about 5 months until we play UConn. That really sucks.


So there you have it DB’s not so good analysis of the Spring Game. The one thing to keep in mind, is that this offense should be able to score… ALOT!! Hopefully the D only gives up about 21 points a game. If that happens 10 wins is a big possibility.

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