Shreds Top 15


Well this week has been spotty. I called in one night and have been on vacation for the last 5 days. So not many live blogs as of late. Lets see how this thing shakes out.

1.SCS-Started the live blog Saturday night. I fell a sleep on the couch watching TV.... SCS has been there to clean up my mistakes.

2.Dark Blue-Made an effort to meet up at the spring game but forgot his phone.

3.Hulk-Good for x and o help.

4.TOB-Still holding down the 4th spot.

5.Seth9-Made a jump after getting the most votes besides "other". Not sure what that means.

6.JC-Keeps bringing good info on the whats going on at practice.

7.Tater-Good post about the spring game. Wish we could see more of tater. Always good.

8.Sec20-Gave us some inside on his life. Let us know about who,why,where,when and how.

9.OSD-Slipping down a rank. His LOST hate can only hurt him.

10.Jen-Holds onto that 10th spot. She made good efforts to meet up with me but I didnt get her email until I was in the car on my way out of AA.

12.Turd Ferguson-Changed name?
13.MMW-Co worker is hurting his ranking

Others receiving votes-gs85,NBL(are you lurking?),TheLastProphet(Could be in the top 15 soon),Tsimanga Cowabunga(MIA for a bit)

Be back tomorrow with my Spring Game findings. Also Live blog tomorrow night.

2 Response to "Shreds Top 15"

  1. TheLastProphet says:

    Dude, someday I will *so* be on this list.

    Anonymous says:

    this is a reverse ranking right?

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